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Rigger Recomendations

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The insurance company has asked for a rigging report as part of the annual renewal of our boat insurance.  I'm looking for a rigger who can perform this work reasonably quickly.  Our yacht is moored at the Half Moon Bay Marina in Auckland

Does anyone have any recomendations?


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I could recommend an insurance company that doesn't require rig inspections if you want.

There is this perception about rigs older than 10 yrs, but every time I've discussed changing my standing rigging with riggers, they point out the 10 yrs thing is not important and is only driven by insurance co's. Brand new rigs can drop. 20 yr old rigs can be fine, its about. You can change all the standing rigging to comply with an insurance co's 10 yr thing, and the backing plates in the mast wont be changed, which is the weakest point (rig falls down if backing plate cracks and rig terminal pulls out).

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