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reusing gaskets

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Is it a thing to re-use gaskets?

I've pulled my exhaust manifold off, (blocked water passage)

In the drawing below, Part 7 gasket is a goner, I need to find a new one of those (part number anyone?)

But Item 17 is a thick metal looking one, and that seems to be a great order, only a couple years old. Do I need to replace it?

Same with the Item 4 (gasket that connects to mixing elbow) that one seems ok - can I wipe it clean and re-use?




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Should be fine as is, if not get some kind of goo to seal it. In days of yore there was literally a product called gasket goo , an awful brown treacly substance that you brushed on. People have successfully used garden variety silicon, I use loctite blue but any auto supplier will have a shelf of options. if you inspect the gasket and it looks ok and the mating surfaces are clean it should work. Head gaskets are a no though!

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I have had experience with gasket hoop and won't touch it again.

Making gaskets is incredibly easy.  Although time consuming. 

I made my first one last Sunday for my heat exchanger/exhaust manifold.

It was oddly satisfying... I was wrapped with how easy it was.

I watched this video... Purchased a craft knife set and a litle ball pein hammer some gasket paper and I had a gasket within 4 hours!

Now unfortunately the factory one I had already ordered and paid for showed up a week earlier than expected before I got to reassembly. But I have absolutely no doubt that my home made gasket would of worked... 





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The paper material gaskets seal liquids and yes need to be softish, maybe use a little light smear of loctite 515 on both sides of a new gasket. 

A cross section of the metal gasket will show a wave shape that compresses when the joint is fastened up, one use only... it is only exhaust gases but even a small leak makes a black mess and blind air filters... I always replace this one.

Make sure all surfaces are clean flat and dry... a flat oil stone or a flat board with wet and dry sandpaper with a little kero or CRC does wonders to clean up the faces.

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