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Question about carbon masts

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You would not leave one unpainted if you wanted long life as the UV will get at the Epoxy, doesnt matter on a TP or a full on race boat as they are not required to last.

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I've often wondered about this to replace my boom...

Are there any issues with galvanic corrosion that  need to be taken into account?

What about general requirements for maintenance inspections and/or surveys?

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UV protected carbon spars should last more or less indefinitely provided that they have been designed correctly and not subject to point loads. Unprotected the resin will degrade due to UV but its a relatively slow process, and given the cost of them Im pretty sure that most people would coat them. Carbon  fails catastrophically, i.e. your boom will just break  when its had enough, it's electrically conductive so maintenance would include making sure any metal fittings are not fizzing, nothing is rubbing and any UV coating is still intact. 

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