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The Solo Challenge

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Thanks for the welcome back!


Yes I know RNI is harder and if I can do it then I can definitely cross the Tasman. A certain certain someone suggested it to me as I could be making records and it's a good prep for the Tasman.


I know it's a Solo project, unless I pay someone to help me which I am. So because of that I really need to find out ASAP:


"I have a question re-galley....does anyone know the new gas regulations re the minimum height requirement from the top of the stove to the side decks? I'm going to put in an eno open sea with grill. A long while back, I had a cat 1 inspector come by the boat and he said there was a minimum, but it wasn't in the every day books, as I think they had just changed it or something of the sort. Can't really remember."


Does anyone know the answer to this?


Knot me, I'm still debating on finishes, but yes I put kauri ply in places with that purpose. Other places will be white washed like the under sides of the side decks. Maybe a dab of Colours here and there too... yeah I'm a girl, so what!

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