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  1. Thanks Frank, I'll try them tomorrow.
  2. Hi crew, time for a service of my sole diesel motors and trying to find fuel and oil filters for sale in NZ. Has anyone got a sole diesel that could pass on some info would be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Sorry, my spelling has never been great.
  4. Ha trying to add quote. Cheers
  5. Hi Addem, would consider renting out your drouge? We are bringing a cat (fredyis 40 extended 45) back from noumea and looking for one that is suitable for us, or advice on suitable options. Cheers
  6. Hey Booboo, so it's OK to leave noumea if nz flag is still in process? Our French flag and customs has been sorted now. Cheers
  7. Hi all thanks for your response, I am now another boat owner finally . I just wanted your thoughts on getting my flag as insurance said getting a polish flag would help coming and going from nz. Boat is currently up in New Caledonia and I'm a nz citizen. We're planning on heading up on 15th Oct to sort things and sail home, checked getting nz flag could be 3 months polish 3-5 days. Any help be great Cheers
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me how long you can bring a yacht into nz without paying duty tax. Being a nz citizen. How much is duty also? Cheers
  9. Was out mtn biking at 5 yesterday, looked out to sea and saw a small sail boat sailing past heading south past Tairua, maybe heading to slipper island for night. No level 4 for them haha.
  10. Great site wish I could visit, seems hard to get a large in nearly all spray tops.
  11. Looking at a few spray jackets (rooster, gul and windesign) all under 150 for laser sailing, any recommendations would be great. Cheers
  12. Great thank you 4 liters it is.
  13. Antifouling a lotus 9.2 with altex no5, trying to remember how much I need. Anyone advice appreciated. Thanks
  14. What ski club? That is a good nightly rate with food.
  15. In need of some more sails ,main #1 and #2 in good condition, thought I would check the second hand market before getting some quotes from sail makers. Contact Stu 021548012
  16. We bought Cheers from down in Mana, will defiantly be out in the gulf over summer, boat will be moored at herds bay Coromandel.
  17. My ms35 just arrived from glue guru, not in a position to pop out windows so will have to just re seal under stainless frames, hoping this works and can get frames off again one day as this stuff sounds strong. Cheers
  18. Thanks for that. She's a lotus 9.2
  19. Just bought a 30 year old family cruising yacht, very exciting for us. Few jobs to get sorted before we get out there. Windows have small leaks and have stainless surrounds, was going to remove surrounds only and put new sealant under. What is best sealant for this job? Cheers
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