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  1. Yes I should just upgrade to a chartplotter and keep navionics on phone for back up. I've looked briefly at chartplotters and most seem fish finding as priority when all I'm really looking for is good navigation. Cheers for your help crew
  2. The railblazer mounts look good, would fit well where we currently have an old gps
  3. Hi, going to get a basic tablet for navionics, phone has been great but thinking bigger screen and something I can leave on board would be good. Anyone had a good experience that could steer me in right direction would be much appreciated. Cheers
  4. Is there a tracker to follow race?
  5. Thanks Frank, I'll try them tomorrow.
  6. Hi crew, time for a service of my sole diesel motors and trying to find fuel and oil filters for sale in NZ. Has anyone got a sole diesel that could pass on some info would be much appreciated. Cheers
  7. Sorry, my spelling has never been great. 😁
  8. Ha trying to add quote. Cheers
  9. Hi Addem, would consider renting out your drouge? We are bringing a cat (fredyis 40 extended 45) back from noumea and looking for one that is suitable for us, or advice on suitable options. Cheers
  10. Hey Booboo, so it's OK to leave noumea if nz flag is still in process? Our French flag and customs has been sorted now. Cheers
  11. Hi all thanks for your response, I am now another boat owner finally 😀. I just wanted your thoughts on getting my flag as insurance said getting a polish flag would help coming and going from nz. Boat is currently up in New Caledonia and I'm a nz citizen. We're planning on heading up on 15th Oct to sort things and sail home, checked getting nz flag could be 3 months polish 3-5 days. Any help be great Cheers
  12. Hi, can anyone tell me how long you can bring a yacht into nz without paying duty tax. Being a nz citizen. How much is duty also? Cheers
  13. Was out mtn biking at 5 yesterday, looked out to sea and saw a small sail boat sailing past heading south past Tairua, maybe heading to slipper island for night. No level 4 for them haha.
  14. Great site wish I could visit, seems hard to get a large in nearly all spray tops.
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