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  1. Tiller


    Cheers thanks for that was a quick boat for a 21 footer
  2. Tiller


    Hi Anyone know who the photographer is. Like to have a copy for a birthday present as both old boys sailing Tack Hammer turn 70 soon.
  3. Tiller


    Has anyone out there used Jotun antifouling. have used Hempel not happy with results. any recomendations
  4. Hi I have a CM85i on my cat and it was ok for a while but now when engaged it does a 1/4 turn to port or to starb so boat turns a circle any one out there had same problem ? Cheers
  5. Tiller


    You guys should look around for insurance, we had quotes from $1500 to $3750 . Nautical the cheapest PIC the dearest this is on a value of $240000. We went with Opua Marina shop.
  6. Tiller


    Can anyone tell me the best company for insurance they all seem to duck for cover when you mention multihull
  7. I will get the 9.9 yamahas serviced but also have 15 hp diesel air cooled outboards so will see how they fit.
  8. Schionning wilderness 11
  9. yeah maybe keep them just have them serviced and then look after them.
  10. its better than having 80 litres of petrol on board. They weigh 72 kg each and would need to carry less diesel
  11. easy to make yourself just lay up cloth to required thickness and size on plastic and plastic on top under a heavy flat weight. Works well
  12. can someone resize the photo please
  13. Hay boys just purchased a new boat that has two 9.9hp Yamaha outboards that I want to replace with 2 x 15hp diesel out boards. Anyone out there had any experience with these ?
  14. come on Cory haven't seen your entry yet
  15. Tiller

    route 66

    whos doing it single handed.
  16. Im sorry the new tackhammer wont be ready for the last race.
  17. just give it a good sand and wax it using a good polish. Repeat every so often. The wax will fill up the aluminum that will stop the salt getting in. easy and cheap.
  18. Tiller


    yes the back looks like the front to some people
  19. Tiller


    Tackhammer is under going a minor modification
  20. Tiller

    Prop talk

    I have a 2 bladed Gori prop brand new 14" x 9.5 RH on 1" shaft for sale if interested
  21. I'm not sure but didn't Tack Hammer beat all the 88s .
  22. yes still for sail. Would like to sell it with new beta 25hp diesel its matched to.
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