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  1. How much work is putting up a pole. Then if you want to run a bit more square just pull the pole a little bit aft. Sailing is also fun its not always the least amount of work. Otherwise you would never pull the sails up at all.
  2. We found it very hard to see both the finish boat and bean rock. The lights in the background made it very hard to work out what was what. We could see the white hull then the big yellow light in the sky made sense as we got closer. I have found bean rock very hard to see until you get closer. Thank goodness for a new B & G chart plotter from Matt.
  3. I have just gone through yacht registration/Phrf with YNZ. My dealings with them couldn't have been better. Very easy to deal with. They made it easy and knew what they were doing. The people l dealt with were a credit to YNZ.I wish all companies were this easy to deal with. It seems strange hearing peoples negative comments but I suppose policy is different to staff.
  4. One of the first things I do after buying a boat is join coastguard. Have had a couple of fizz boats now own a yacht. Cheap life insurance. Never ever used their rescue system and never intend to but its there if I need it. Going out of Whangamata always called up and when arrived home safe thanked them for there watch. They do training and generally look out for people's safty.I see as a lot more positive than negative so they get a big tick from me.
  5. If you have a fire you can never have too many fire extinguishers. Nothing worse than thinking you have put the fire out then it reignites with no extinguishers left. Its a long time before the red flashing lights turn up and you run out of marshmallows as well. Some are one shot once trigger pulled you need to refill and the bigger ones you can squirt a little bit then put away until your next mishap. We get all ours serviced annually.
  6. I have just sent eclipse an email then I read this,so perhaps you have saved me 6 weeks.
  7. gurge

    Yacht Clubs.

    Thanks BooBoo great information. Now I just need to pay a whole lot of money.
  8. gurge

    Yacht Clubs.

    Nz built 36-40 Ft. Light displacement. Something fun to sail
  9. gurge

    Yacht Clubs.

    Live south of Bombays and have been away from Auckland yacht clubs for 20 plus years. Looking to do some harbour racing and cruising. Boat initially going to be in Westhaven. Looking to join a club so interested in what the clubs are now like or has nothing changed. Seems to be a lot of collaboration between them all now so does it matter which one gets the nod. Cheers
  10. Reading this waiting to get on the ferry I am now pleased I picked the other one
  11. gurge

    Stanley Paris

    For those following he has retired. http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/9 ... dream-over
  12. gurge

    Boat name

    Ocean blue, c U Later or sea U later, blue off or blew off, iron blew, blue scale or Beau scale. All downwind Depends what theme you want or what tack you want to go down. Sailing themes or colour names or sea orientated etc
  13. No wonder you work offshore that reads like you have two mistresses and a boat to keep happy
  14. gurge

    Nyalic ....

    Have had it on a Ali boat. Didn't seem to last. Was a while ago, faded? Just sold a mclay that had a two pot DuPont? Lacquer on. Far better.
  15. Looks like a broken life line to me
  16. gurge

    On Water Boat Show

    Yes I am a starter for Friday. Where's the best parking
  17. Turning into a bit of a anti-climax.
  18. gurge

    Best AC Finals Ever?

    The difference is tactics. When you keep getting bounced to the wrong side of the course or lift?. The other boat makes a gain. Classic match racing. Very enjoyable to watch when in front.
  19. Seem to keep the nose out on the tacks now. Have they taken the lead out of the front and put it in the back
  20. Wonder if they were having hydraulic problems in first race as that second race seemed to have the legs again
  21. gurge

    Sunday - two more?

    Crying but for a different reason
  22. gurge

    Sunday - two more?

    Yes different tactics today will make it interesting
  23. The first tack all the way up to the traz looked like it was perfect. According to the arrows on tv they ended up out of the tide longer and with less tacks. To me that was the boat race right there. Although boat speed also had its say
  24. gurge

    The hook

    I know I have been out of racing for a while, yes windward boat must keep clear but I also thought they had to have a chance to get clear. Maybe because we are on the wrong side of this issue it does seem a marginal call. Just drive under then luff real hard bang winner every time.
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