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  1. Pic insurance. Have a 727. No survey required and a $750 excess for race cover. With agreed value. Great people to deal with.
  2. Have you contacted any riggers to price up what it would be for you to buy and have swaged from them? At least then you'd have a point of comparison to see whether you're gonna get a good deal..
  3. Thought you said you were doing it yourself? If you need swages onto the wire don't you need a rigger?
  4. Any reputable your rigger will be able to supply you any kind of wire. It's not in their interest to supply inferior wire. They'll also be able to give you good advice for free! The majority of professional riggers in NZ in my experience, use KOS 1x19 anyway.
  5. Jerry's hooklevers are available through Swageturn. http://swageturn.com/shop/hook-lever/
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