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  1. Thanks for posting that link Fish.Now up past the Cavallis goose winged again after an issue with a jammed second reef line meant I had to drop the main and proceed under reefer genoa. Hove to in the lee of Cape Brett and sorted it this morning. Things have settled down a bit since last night and it is a much more pleasant ride. Not sure how much longer I will have reception as apart from North Cape I will be well offshore down the West Coast to Doubtful Sound.
  2. Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. Currently running goose winged up towards Sail Rock in 15 -20 SE. And to Chariot - yes I have a four man life raft.
  3. If anyone is interested I am starting a solo circumnavigation of New Zealand tomorrow, Monday the 7th of September. Leaving from Matiatia, Waiheke Island. Part of the inspiration for this is to raise awareness and funds for the Waiheke Working Sail Charitable Trust which is restoring the 1898 Trading Cutter the 'Kate'. She will be used as a youth sail training vessel. You can follow my voyage on 'Cavatina', a steel Van der Stadt 34, on a tracking page on the Trust's website www.waihekeworkingsail.org
  4. If the mast is free of internal obstructions then tie a cotton wool ball to a length of twine and suck it through with a shop vac. Useful technique for getting mousing lines through pipes and conduits.
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