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  1. I'm not that good on the history but hasn't this regatta been a key part of Auckland's racing calendar ...... Feltex Regatta, BMW then Jack Tar? Someone fill in the gaps. Covid has definitely put some extra fleet number challenges in the mix for organisers but if ever there was an opportunity for Auckland's large race fleet to get on the water this is it..... underwritten by largest clubs, local, relatively inexpensive to enter and compete, a format for everyone, great opportunity to go hard out with race crew or intro family and friends, plenty of social events in great venues, weekend
  2. Hi Vic008. We have a Volvo 2002 for sale on TradeMe in working order but in need of a reco. We don't have time to do work and are repowering with a plug and play Beta. Top bid currently $2.50. Someonel will probably get a bargain. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2976432799 Crew.org taxes will be paid after short negotiation with IT.
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