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  1. I have thought about removing my VSR for a FET splitter and using my MPPT charger but how do I keep my MPPT charger ready to sense ? A wire directly to one battery? The following are thoughts from Victron Argofet and MPPT compatibility question - Victron Community (victronenergy.com)
  2. You said "I should add, that my old unit is not strictly speaking a v-drive. It's a parallel system with a 1:1 ratio. Much simpler than the Argo V-Drives." Perhaps then look at a second hand transfer case from a 4x4 vehicle. You will still have your shafts (cardan?) to mount and secure in the hull.
  3. I have used an argo in the past as a replacement remote V drive. See argorace.com.au/product/v-drive.
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