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  1. Too late, found the stuff washed up in Kaperio bay after a strong NE several weeks ago. There wasn't a lot, but some had taken hold in rock pools. It is here unfortunately, anchoring restrictions etc arn't going to have much of an impact. Nature is doing a wonderful job of spreading it.
  2. Not so long ago. Don't see this very often.
  3. Nylon 6/6 preferably glass filled to increase it's tensile strength. Black if you can get it, the carbon black acts as a uv blocker. Nylon is good for 6-7 years before it starts breaking down then it is generally just surface chalking. uhmwpe without uv stabilisers is only good for about 18 months. Macplas plastics have a good range and are not too expensive. Hope this helps. Cheers Paul
  4. Yes it was a long time ago, all brushable poyurethanes are slow cure to make them brushable, The Altex 321 I painted on the inside of the cabin roof the other day seemed to take an eternty to go off. I put a fan heater on inside the boat before I started because there was condensation and I was painting inside. When I paint the outside I will do what you have suggested and heat the whole boat up.
  5. I contacted Interlux several times about this problem, they didn't want to know, didn't send a rep out to view the boat, basically ignored me. All I wanted from them was to include the slow cure dew problem in the literature when they next reviewed it. I don't know if that ever happened as I rarely use their products anymore. Need a warm night with a light breeze, hopefully that will happen. Good luck.
  6. I have just done the inside of the cabin top with 321, didn't thin it and had to tip the rolled surface off. The finish is good and really glossy. I used the Interlux version when it first came out on the decks of my old boat. What I didn't realise was how slowly it cured. I was all finished about 2pm in the afternoon, the dew came down about 10pm and completely destroyed the finish. There was nothing in any of their literature warning about outdoor use. I ended up having to redo the decks by spraying with 2 pack car lacquer that goes off fast to avoid the dew problem. Fingers crossed it all w
  7. I would say the hull and cabin structure flexed. A well known surveyor told me a story about a Beneteau sailing to Fiji some years ago. It spent around 4 days on the wind in around 20 knts of breeze. The deck slowly bent upward under the head sail sheeting loads and all of a sudden a couple of windows just popped out of their holes. Clearly the deck and cabin structure crept under load. Apparently it was a bit of a major repair.
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