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  1. It's yours if ya want it Pm me
  2. There it is found a pic on phone. More of a splash cradle. The back opens up so keel can pass through. Would need mods to suit hull shape. Easy to do it the way I did it. I'm guessing you where probably think different type of cradle. Anyway you are welcome to go look at it. Pm me for address
  3. I got one for some rum Pickup kumeu I can load onto trailer with forklift I'll post pic later Where you based
  4. Thanks for replies I'll check them out Ta
  5. Does anyone know where to find historical data for the now casting. Looking for wind data between 0700 and 1000. 22nd Dec 2020 or anyone who may have access to it. Insurance issue Ta
  6. Yup sitting on boat having coffee. Nek minute! Boat opposite came out turned to slow so gave it the gas ad the arse swang around and bamo! Tipped boat to at least 40deg heel. Might have been alright if prod broke but it was. Glassed/glued on. Low friction rings with dyneema bobstay deformed so must been hefty clout. 41 foot AWB... Cannot say any more about what type at this stage though. Westhaven Yup holiday gone!
  7. Nowhere for me now that someone f##&$d me over yesterday whilst sitting in my berth. Tipped boat over so hard opposite side dock fitting ripped out.
  8. Cool... I was worried they where shutting down Westhaven.... I want to run away Friday morning. Ta
  9. When is they closing the roads? And what roads... Does anyone know?
  10. ynot

    open cpn tactics

    Mmmm Might be my laptop I'll try that link. Ta
  11. Hi I have been playing with open cpn and cannot seem to get tactics to open on screen it just opens with an X in on corner and a little piece of the screen all jumbled ? has anyone had thsi or tried to use it ? ta
  12. ynot

    B&g mhu

    Hi Internal pin broken while being removed.. Was repaired and then found locating tang busted then a staff member dropped hard hat on it and broke cups. 3d printed a new set but pin still dodgy and repair guy covered pin cables in special plastic sh*t so does not sit properly... A complete cluster. Thanks for looking
  13. ynot

    B&g mhu

    Hi does nyone have one of these lying around they would not mind parting with. It's a B&g mhu Type 283 or a 496 Ta 496 type Same base
  14. ynot

    Paul larson

    Really cool interview with him on S/A at the moment. Long but not boring
  15. Did ya get one? I have one
  16. This could be considered meditation! Mental health is an important issue in these stressful times.
  17. RE fast food..... Advertising on TV other than new programing seems to be how it is now which is quite cool but Tvnz I assume relies on advertising so if it has none then it may go the same way as Bauer media... They may have been unstable already though. What about Air New Zealand.... Will they make it? Without aid... They are unstable! I have heard of a couple of other small businesses ( up to 8 staff) closing and going home already.... Maybe in preparation for the coming zombie attack.
  18. Will do Weather looks like a reach the whole way so far.
  19. Hi Matt Not sure I'd celia has read this or contacted you outside here. It's using my login for dad Just spoke to him and believe they found someone from crew so possibly through you cheers. They leaving 5am morrow morning. Cheers
  20. Hi Looking for crew for delivery Bundaberg to NZ departing Bundaberg first week December with appropriate weather window. The boat is a Bavaria 56,If you require anymore info please call Celia on 0210376805
  21. That would be cool Cheers
  22. Hi does anyone have any of these around they want to move on ti a new home? Cheers Tony 0212760498
  23. And how is the water staying up there
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