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  1. Appreciate the responses. I ask due to the hire of a highly experienced offshore helmsman, who has one take on the rules and I am carrying all the risk, as owner operator. I am reasonably confident that all steps for good practice seamanship would be adhered to.
  2. Hello all, if you submit the form-c2b for notice of departure and have a registered EPIRB, insurance and radio does anyone come chasing you for this Safety 1 certificate? Is this an admin step for a fully spec'd bluewater cruiser? I am getting different takes on the what's required here. Thks
  3. Am now considering just getting up to French Polynesia at least as a good workout. Thanks That's most helpful. Wow, this is looking like a minimum 120 day undertaking.
  4. Ok, that's food for thought..
  5. Bavaria C42 up through Panama canal, or Suez. For speed
  6. Hello, does anyone here know realistically how long it would take to go from Northeast coast of NZ up to Amsterdam/Netherlands, give or take a week? Thanking all - (p.s. well done AUS in the footy this morning!)
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