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    After having used copper coat on my last boat for 12 years (its been on since the 90s) and having done a full redcoat I can say the product can work but depends on location. Application is easy BUT you need real organisation, 2 people minimum and little wind and not two hot. If applied two thick will sag (I know from attempting a single handed touch up). As the instructions say at least 4 thin coats tack on tack. The Sandspit boat was applied very thick and the results reflected this. On a 31ft boat should take a full day to apply. Would I put it on again?-If you are time rich then yes but do
  2. Agree the system used by the club moorings in the Sounds are the way to go. Not sure what they are called. Maybe contact the clubs. I wouldt go with any other system
  3. I used a 2 pot product from the guy who makes dry suits in Wellsford. Its stuck on like the proverbial with no lifting on the front lip 2 years later. Maybe give him a call?
  4. Im with lateral. VHB has added bonus of nice interior finish. BUT...as Sabre points out depends a little on type of window surrounds and fixings (if any)
  5. Latest MOE bulletin I read this as all go subject to tracing
  6. So would a compression of air inside, followed by rapid release blow out the windows ie Hydraulic action. Not sure of the physics of why decompression is so explosive but know it is an important process in shaping coastal geomorphology "Hydraulic action refers to the action of water, generally from powerful waves, rushing into cracks in the rockface. This process traps a layer of air at the bottom of the crack, compressing it and weakening the rock. When the wave retreats, the trapped air is suddenly released with explosive force. The explosive release of highly pressurized air cracks awa
  7. Hi Bp Great clip. Pretty sure though as as waves start to "feel bottom" the orbit slows an they become eliptical and slow down. This changes the wave length,waves closer together and the waves eventually become translatory and break. These eleptical orbits can be felt snorkelling in a swell. you are moved backwards and forwards rather than in a circular orbit. When diving a more an circular orbit.
  8. The Wright 11 was a final development of his keelboat designs (Quest range) with a high volume. wide stern, moderate waterline with scoop and a rig looking to be more multi than mono. ie mast well forward and relatively small headsail. Boat I have sailed on had a Kahn(?)rudder as rudder designs were possibly not one of Alans strengths. The Wright 10 in club racing is pretty similar in performance to the 11. Possibly a little lighter in glass
  9. Great boats. Two trips back from Fiji on one. Massive volume. Only vice is they can pound a little tight reaching.
  10. Did all this on a 28footer. When removing teak a short pry bar was great and then an electric plane. Fisished then with orbital sander. Didnt need to touch ply apart from a small section. Glassed over and glued/dowelled toe rails on top. took 1 week flat out from out to in.Coved around cabin top after glassing so totally watertight. Still looked mint 5 years later when I sold that boat.
  11. Agree with Island time. The Sounds are awesome and if not time bound can be a relatively easy trip. Put the Three Kings on your planner and its a pretty cool trip.
  12. Hi Replaced windows October 2018 Used VHB tape and Dow silicone. No screws and reasonably long windows all done on a marina in i day (Raven 31). Trip round the North Island over summer and no leaks whatsoever. Was warned against going too thick in the acrylic as the thermal mass and tendancy of material to pull away (tries to stay straight) can apparently cause an issue..
  13. Yep use 795 and VHB. Avoid screw/fastenings if possible (Thermal expansion). Discussion may need a little more focus on how attached ie external,rebate,frame and if perspex or lexan.
  14. Hi Guys, Imported one of theses last year. Used for 1600m around the North Island on my Raven 31ft. Didnt miss a beat. Awesome unit at a realistic price. Other tiller-pilots are definately below par
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