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  1. One member of a New Zealand yachting crew has died and two more are seriously injured after being struck by a broken mast off the coast of Fiji. The Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Fiji said the crew sent a mayday distress call near Nadi at around 9pm last night. "One of the yacht's mast broke and the crew got hit by it," a spokesperson said. Maritime New Zealand's Rescue Coordination Centre confirmed that one person died after being hit by the mast. An Australian cruise ship, the Pacific Explorer, diverted its route to help the yacht. But a Maritime NZ said the cruise
  2. RNZ (radio) said the crewman was killed when the rig came down. If that is the case it is very sad indeed.
  3. The NZ Herald story above made it sound like there was two crew, this story says 3, but one dead. Perhaps the NZ Herald story was referring to two crew alive. One taken off and being treated on the cruise ship, and one still alive with one dead on the yacht, which appears would be rolling around like a bastard. All sounds very concerning / bad / sad whatever is going on One person has died after getting into trouble in water near Fiji. They were on a yacht with two other people when a mayday was called on Sunday night. Kiwi cruise passenger Ali Gilhurst told Stuff the cap
  4. Doesn't sound like a very successful rescue then.
  5. Link here: Photo of the boat with whole mast floating around, then video of the boat tied up to the floating apartment with half a mast, the top bit which is banging against the superstructure of the cruise ship, possibly the bridge wing (something sticking out a bit more than usual). Others are on the yacht, so getting them and the yacht home has now been seriously complicated. Guess the cruise ship didn't want to launch a boat to go to the yacht? Auckland-Fiji Pacific Explorer cruise ship diverts to yacht in distress in high seas rescue, one person receiving medical treatment
  6. You shouldn't read main stream media so much. They are talking it up and creating anxiety to get more clicks. All because it is the first El Nino pattern since 2016. Most people can't remember what the weather did 7 years ago, but the MSM can sure scare the sweet baby Jesus out of you and get you into a hot anxious panic about something you have zero control over. These are all perfectly normal weather cycles. That is why they are so easy to forecast 3 to 6 months out.
  7. Patience, Grasshopper. It is the spring equinox after all.
  8. Did American Magic ever get the dispensation to not race in Jeddah and not cop a fine for defaulting? They raised legitimate safety concerns about American Sailors on a boat with a huge American flag floating around on water where almost everyone would love to kill an American. This story may give some insights as to what motivated Dalton to take the AC to Saudi Arabia: The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has admitted for the first time that he has been “sportswashing” its image and “will continue doing so” by investing in the likes of Newcastle United, LIV Golf and bringing Cristiano R
  9. Last chance to submit your feedback on the Landing Hardstand closing. Consultation closes this week. It is an easy form to fill out. The Landing Concept Plan (Pathways to the Sea) | AK Have Your Say (aucklandcouncil.govt.nz)
  10. PS, think you'll find it's not an echo chamber, it's just that your arguement doesn't stack up.
  11. Fairly sure you'll find it's under utilised because the operator got the boot, you booted all the boats off it and no one can haul out. So as of now, it's just sitting their growing weeds. Yes you can legitimately say it is under utilised, but only cause you shafted it. Basic dirty tricks. PS, still didn't answer re your major donor's financial interest in the Tamaki Marine Park. If it's not true, just give us a 'no'. We'll take silence as a yes.
  12. All you are really saying is "I don't use it, therefore it should be closed and used for something that I think is better". I don't use golf courses, rugby fields, cricket pitches, skate parks, basketball courts or many other community facilities the Council provides. That doesn't give me the right to run around getting them all closed down, or used for something I think is a far more productive use of the land. Its about basic respect for the current users. As for your 'conspiracy theory' fall back position. It is a basic fact that you closed the hardstand, got all the boats of
  13. Well this thread isn't going how you wanted, @Okahu Sailor. 8 negative votes already and unanimous opposition to your position . Looks like you should have got that Communications Consultant after all... I trust this demonstrates to you the depth of feeling around how RAYC is shafting the wider boating community. I hope you take this onboard and reflect on the damage you are doing. Perhaps even a positive outcome, change RAYC's position on expansion at the expense of others?
  14. So are you just bending it by hand? Or are you using some tools? I assume you have made the curves you want out of that timber, and are bending it to that?
  15. I note you won't deny the connection. Good oh. So your current response is to try and marginalise me with the good old "conspiracy theorist". You will win your way. You have the connections and influence, oh, and money. But you have lost a lot of respect from the wider boating community for the way you have gone about this and conducted yourself. Just saying.
  16. So what you are saying, to paraphrase, is that Royal Akarana want more space. The current users of the hardstand aren't important to Royal Akarana, and you have the connections and influence to get what you want. Not keen on answering the question on your financial donors vested interest in the Tamaki Marine Park?
  17. It is very well written. And it's not been posted by a regular forum user. Looks a lot like a professional. Like a hired Communications Consultant. Or a PR specialist. A guess that is what you get when you have a lot of vested interests working in the background.
  18. As I said above, the 17v is the solar panel voltage, the solar controller will convert it to something appropriate, like 14.2v. My point is that if the solar controller is at 14.7 and the alternator is at 14.4, then the alternator wont be able to charge the battery, regardless of how much current it has, as the higher voltage wins. In reality I wouldn't expect a 60W solar panel to be able to consistently produce the rated power, but the comment was made to answer the OP's question, and so he can check his system set up.
  19. Is it true the main financial donor also owns the Tamaki Marine Park and will profit financially if lower priced / DIY competition is removed?
  20. Only if it's voltage is higher. Higher current doesn't mean anything if it is pushing 'uphill' against higher voltage.
  21. the 17.2 v is the solar panel voltage, don't panic. Your solar controller will turn it into something suitable for your batteries, i.e. 14.2v. Short story, the highest voltage source wins. To get the current into the batts, the voltage needs to be higher than the battery voltage. Hence why batts rest at about 12.6 volts, but you charge them at 14.2 (or 14.7 or what ever). In theory, if your solar controller and your alternator have the same charge voltage, they will both charge the batts. In reality this won't happen. I would expect your engine alternator to do all the charging.
  22. What's the name of the electrical conduit, or do you have a link to the supplier? All the stuff I've looked at it way to wobble / weak. Planning out how to build a new dodger, so this would be ideal.
  23. There are several elements I like about it. Artisticly it says "Open 60" bigly, so if you are trying to channel the hard-arsed lunatic shorthanded Breton crowd, you are doing well. I like that it has low visual impact because you've made it out of a clear material, not the classic navy blue sunbrella plonked on top of an otherwise nicely proportioned white cabintop. The size looks practical and functional. It 'fits' the width of the cockpit. The only question I'd have is if it's high enough to work the cabin top winches, and for getting down the hatch without having to bend
  24. If you just want the PVC clear material, the Canvas Company supply it. Shop For Quality Outdoor Fabrics NZ - The Canvas Company Would need to be couriered from Auckland. If you have lots of time and patients, you could hand sew it on. Same gear as a sail repair kit. Or you could get an 'easy awl' that the Canvas Company supply, it has a bobbin in it to speed up the hand sewing loopy bit. I'm mid way though replacing my clears and will try that. I've also been sewing the clears and sunbrella successfully. Rather than drop $1,500 on a pro sewing machine, I'm using a $200 plastic sewi
  25. You would need a separator / clarifier tank on the dredge, with a direct water return to the area you are dredging. The technical challenge would be the size and effectiveness of a separator. You'd need to give up on this whole concept of avoiding any fragments going back in. The whole objective would be to reduce total biomass. Given that tide and waves are moving this around anyway, the whole concept that boat anchors are spreading it is a nonsense. Related to this is the re-growth rate of fragments. I think there has been a load of PR and scaremongering saying 1 fragment can grow into
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