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  1. Many thanks guys, appreciate it. It's a terrific regatta, one of my favourite projects in fact.
  2. With events taking place at 17 locations throughout Auckland, Ports of Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta on Monday 27 January 2014 is a fun event that the entire city can take part in - with or without a boat. The Regatta was founded 174 years ago to mark the city’s founding, and it’s continued pretty much every year, since then. “Generations of Aucklanders have great memories of picnics on North Head or Mission Bay, watching the action on the water,” says spokesperson Eric Mahoney. These days, the Viaduct and North Wharf are also great places to watch from, the picnics are often
  3. Lovely I will send you a message.
  4. I'm hoping to hitch a ride. If I can remember how to sail, it's been so long.
  5. Hi all, looking for a serviceable 4.7 or radial rig for a friend's laser. Only used recreationally for family fun at the beach. If anyone is selling one please let me know and I'll pass it on. A 4.7 is probably better.
  6. Omega 8, the boat that won the overall PHRF prize was designed in 1994. It has been updated, and is very well sailed, but I thought it was great to see some different boats coming to the fore in the prizes this year, thanks to the conditions. Knot Me, what you are saying about race coverage stopping after 7.30 simply isn't true. I wrote thousands of words about the race (pre, during and post) and at least half of those words were about boats that didn't get to Russell in the top ten. We had two TV channels there and TVNZ gave more airtime to the two Div 5 boats it was interested in than
  7. Paihia Bombs put me to sleep. I literally can't stay awake for hours after I take them. The only thing that works for me is Scopoderm patches but I have to put the first one on the day before I get on the boat for it to be effective. And by the end of Day 2 at sea, I am having major hallucinations. So I wouldn't be a contender for the Solo Tasman!
  8. The friendliest sailing club in Auckland has two fun days coming up: Saturday 2 November is a day for women who are keen to try sailing, whether for the first time, or getting back into it. We'll be there to take you out in a boat if you are a newbie, or with help and advice, if you already know how to sail. This feeds into more sailing days for women, and a Learn to Sail course for adults, which feeds into an ongoing sailing and racing program. You can take it at whatever level you like. 9am start. Sunday 10 November from 2.30pm is a Try Sailing O'Day with French Bay Yacht Club, and
  9. Ash has lots of time to figure out her seasickness. Even making it to the start line as a first time entrant on a new boat, is a mammoth effort. Next time it will be that much easier. Stephen C, you did a great job here - well done and thanks to Crew.org.nz from the Coastal team!
  10. Sorry to disappoint guys, but this amazing boat hasn't entered the Coastal and from what I've heard, probably won't be.
  11. It doesn't sound like the 100footer will be ready.
  12. That's a real shame Onfire, I can't speak for what happened in the past but this organising team are a good bunch.
  13. We'd have been doomed if we'd done it, but doomed now forever to wish we'd done it while we could. Oh well. We had a fun ride on Zana instead though!
  14. Hi Onfire, it's already been discussed as a committee and we are keen to recognise any all-female crew that finishes even if there is only one of them - it's highly unlikely the committee would delete this division. Lisa and the Trust team got very close, we hope they return next year and I really enjoyed meeting Ash last week and hearing her very inspiring story. Not just because she is female, but because she's making it happen. I entered an all women's team on Cool Change seven or eight years ago, but because it was a drifter and I had responsibilities in Russell (I work with the Coas
  15. That's the WMRT team - Scubash is steadfast in her goal to start (and finish) at Labour weekend.
  16. Thanks Waikaore - I have to say the stories coming out of the fleet are extra special this year. I don't think it's just co-incidence.
  17. Thanks Willow! (and ScottiE.) While we are talking about the Coastal, I'd really like to hear about new boats, old boats, returning entrants, and any new or unusual stories that I can write up in the next few weeks. I like being able to tell stories that I haven't heard before. It's getting close now!
  18. Hi Willow, sorry to hear you are having issues. Very frustrating! If you go to the 'Contact Us' page on the website, there is an email address and phone number there. The email address is different from last year, the ccinfo@ one no longer works. Also, if you leave a message for Anthony, he will ring you back. He works full time, so may not be able to do it immediately but he is usually pretty prompt. If all else fails please email me zoe@wildemedia.co.nz and I will pass on your query.
  19. Markm is right. Newsletter #3 is online now... check out the info about race tracking for the whole fleet. We've been wanting to do this for a long time, and PredictWind have put in a lot of work to make it possible. http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=4b9 ... 206ae78e4b
  20. PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic Race Clinic. September 2. 7 pm Dinghy Locker RNZYS. Clinic for first time entrants, and people keen to learn more about successfully and safely completing the race. A panel of experts will discuss : Rig Safety and preparation. Boat maintenance and making sure your boat is in top condition. Communications up the coast Safety Regulations and essential equipment and procedures. Navigation up the coats, obstacles, lights, sailing in the dark, potential hazards, and getting there safely. This will be an informal evening on of discussion and info
  21. Hi all, Race starts in 69 days. The race newsletter has just gone out and in particular includes details of the upcoming Race Prep session that's free for all definite or prospective entrants, and also of the new prize, donated by North Sails, for top keeler on PHRF, across all divisions. A great new feature of the race. Here is the link: http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=4b9 ... f098bb8&e=[uNIQID] I have to say the prospect of Team Australia and a VOR70 on the startline is incredibly exciting. Lots more info on Facebook if you are that way inclined. Cheers! Z
  22. Running a yacht race is bloody expensive! Other sports - like multisport - charge heaps more in relative terms to cover costs but sailing has a (very cool) spirit about it where we all try to keep costs down as much as possible and do as much as we can with what we have got. That is something quite unique to sailing I think (and completely contradicts notions that we are only a sport for elite wealthy) but it also comes at a big headache for volunteer organisers because we don't work in the 'commercially sustainable' zone where entry fees come in.
  23. Zoe

    Ports Expansion

    Why don't you give Westhaven to the port, and ask them for a shiny new custom designed marina that's not in a narrow and very tidal channel of water?
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