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  1. They have constructed a completely new cut, a marina is in the plan too. The expansion is mainly to assist with the development of a mussel farming exercise out to sea, so a bigger port for bigger boats is part of it.
  2. There's a stopover harbour in Opotiki now, a bit out of the way though but could be an interesting Tour de Coast option
  3. The hull was sitting, and still maybe, in an industrial yard at Mt. Maunganui, I think.
  4. Not sure about your access in the boat but it looks to be mounted with 2 bolts, top and bottom. This video shows them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2KTsGdomQw
  5. I used automotive RTV Engine sealant to seal my fuel tank access hatch and it seems to be OK so far after 4 years, it says it is diesel and oil resistant https://www.repco.co.nz/car-care-panel/adhesives-sealants/gasket-cements/threebond-high-temperature-rtv-silicone-liquid-gasket-no-1-85g-grey-ss1-85/p/A1130575?rgfeed=true&cid=google-shopping&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAjwitShBhA6EiwAq3RqA-rMO8FQDhHBUoRcotp0kaE4q8VxrHkNgWY-bBrlchrKsPq3d0Uu_hoCnwwQAvD_BwE
  6. Great NZ Catamaran designer has passed away, sadly, I hear. Another legend gone.
  7. Bridge Marina doesn't have moorings, they are close by and managed by EBOP The liveaboard community in the Bridge Marina is the strongest in area
  8. Despite all the sewage regulations, people live aboard vessels at the Sulphur Point (not so well supported) and Bridge Marina has a larger number, they have sewage pump out facilities on site. Many others live aboard in town reach (inside harbour bridge), by Bridge Marina and Pilot Bay. Many of those anchor only and don't have moorings. A guy came sailing with me lived on their boat (2 adults 3 children) and stayed at either Pilot Bay or by Bridge Marina, he reckoned he dumped his sewage well offshore twice a week or used Bridge Marinas facilities. Another mooring area is Omokoroa and a small
  9. The mooring blocks would have been removed from Okahu Bay? It looks to be an amazing bay to moor in for Auckland visits.
  10. Fridgetech have a slimline 16 litre hot water cylinderhttps://www.fridgetech.co.nz/collections/isotemp-water-heaters/products/slim-square-16
  11. I have one that is combined in the Vulcan 9 chartplotter, it has been good on the General except for one time when entering Tauranga Harbour it started steering back and forth. I tried adjusting the settings manually for a bit and used the learning function before resetting the Autopilot. Since then it has been great, the Vulcan 9 is a great unit with many features and only a bit more expensive than the standalone A/P unit itself. Possibly it has too many options for everything that can be a bit confusing.
  12. Here is a really good multiuse yacht for sale https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/centreboard/listing/3966554143?bof=0JHcr51f
  13. Simple fishfinders should still be OK, they will give you the depth and the bottom contour line gives a good indication of the depth change trend in a visual graphic form, an ascending line will indicate shallowing which is often better than numbers changing rapidly. I find it very useful in Tauranga harbour which is full of sandbanks. If your hull is solid glass you can glue a plastic (Sistema) container to the inside of the hull ahead of the centreboard, fill with glycol or oil and place the transducer in it. The transducer can be machined down to reduce it's size to fit. Attached is a cheap
  14. At the field days they had solid rod fibreglass of various sizes that made the frame supports for crop tunnels that may suit. Could be these...https://polynet.co.nz/pages/fibreglass-rods
  15. I have that converter for my B&G Vulcan with a Precision 9 compass, the converter works well with the Nexus NMEA0183 depth, speed, wind and angles but one time I managed to get the Nexus compass info through for the AP and the slow reaction time was too much to hold a smooth course. Waypoints might be OK
  16. My B&G autopilot with NAC3 suddenly started steering all over the place for no apparent reason. I tried adjusting rudder gain etc. but no real improvement. Finally I found the autopilot reset and that worked perfectly and still is!?
  17. The Topper Omega is for sale if anyone is interested, outboatd and road trailer available too. Moving up
  18. The Topper Omega is a great boat - furling jib, gennaker, can be powered by outboard, can be sailed single handed. It is built of tough material and probably is a modern Sunburst equivalent. My son has one and it's a great solution for a sailing/maritime family https://toppersailboats.com/product/topaz-omega/
  19. I have found a small leak by my holding tank and it is from the Y valve outlet pipes, I removed the valve assembly (yum) to find the two outlet pipes weren't secured to the valve body and no sign of O rings or seals and no securing clamps?? Does anyone know where they can be purchased from in NZ
  20. The NY party at the Mercs has been toned down lately and is more of a casual affair. As for anchoring there who is going to police the restrictions. In the Mercs it is a washing of the anchoring equipment requirement and not taking of seaweed, shellfish, fish etc.
  21. Island Time would be a suitable person to assist. I don't think it would be easy to pull over on a halyard even if it had a lifting keel. Rigging companies often fit windgear for owners, try a local firm from the hardstand area there or use the main halyard and bosun's chair with an assistant to get to the top of the mast.
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    Thanks IT, whoops!!!
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    How about this person http://www.efrontier.co.nz/estore/index.php?currency=NZD I think he out SW Auckland, hard to understand when you talk to him
  24. Nick Davenport from BBYC has a mooring available https://www.facebook.com/groups/1490621321180183/?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=3315599508682346
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