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  1. Island Time would be a suitable person to assist. I don't think it would be easy to pull over on a halyard even if it had a lifting keel. Rigging companies often fit windgear for owners, try a local firm from the hardstand area there or use the main halyard and bosun's chair with an assistant to get to the top of the mast.
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    Thanks IT, whoops!!!
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    How about this person http://www.efrontier.co.nz/estore/index.php?currency=NZD I think he out SW Auckland, hard to understand when you talk to him
  4. Nick Davenport from BBYC has a mooring available https://www.facebook.com/groups/1490621321180183/?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=3315599508682346
  5. End for end is my first step, still looks to be marginal when main is eased but it should help
  6. I have just noticed a small fraying cover on the rope which looks to be more significant in the future so I was looking at replacing it before it all goes to custard at just the wrong moment
  7. I have 12 mm mainsheet rope (Farr 38), should I replace it with the Dyneema type or something else?
  8. One of mine broke after 27 years of work, I replaced it with a new unit which was quite straight forward and not too expensive amazingly. As part of the exercise I got an assistant to operate the mechanism while I watched and found the alignment was quite poor as it was placing twisting loads on the cable. That alignment was the cause of the breakage probably, by just bending and resetting some brackets and levers it was quickly remedied and probably a worthwhile exercise whether you replace them or not. I would replace them if you spot any similar problem.
  9. Looks like you could fabricate a thin sheet of plastic about the size of an ice cream container lid without edges, fold it around the lamp and slide it upwards pushing the spring upwards allowing one side of the lamp to drop below the surrounding housing and then the lamp can be removed by tilting
  10. What do you do with the old GME units, apart from sending them to the tip and triggering an alert?
  11. I like what you have done to make the floor look like the expensive teak and holley, what did you fill the grooves with as it would have to be flexible to some degree and retain it's durability. I also found if you don't apply sealer to the edges of the sheets water enters the board and stains it.
  12. Thornburrow Sails Tauranga was taken over by Burton Sails. Sam does a great service that includes taking the boat for a sail to check trim, adjusting sail specs to suit yacht and usage so he would be able to sort out a good solution for you but I think you are in Half Moon Bay so someone else should be able recommend a local supplier.
  13. A fellow sailor in Tauranga who owns a Chico 30 just completed a circuit of the South Is or both maybe and previously sailed it around the world, Johanna is the boat name. They seem to be a very safe boat.
  14. Just had anti-foul done with Hempel, I was thinking about stocking up for next time if it was as good as it is claimed, I liked the lower ablative quality.
  15. Seaforce isn't ablative like No.5 and is claimed to be more durable and suitable for estaurine situations as well. I didn't have a good run with No.5 either. Unsure if an undercoat has to be applied or if it can go over existing antifoul, this would make a big difference for me as I don't want to sand everything off, apply undercoat and then the antifoul as I have recently had that done already.
  16. Altex are doing a good deal on their Sea-Zone 60 anti-foul for competitors in the Akld-Tga race, anyone know about it's performance/cost etc.? The blurb makes it sound amazing!
  17. I've seen that many marine engines lack an air filter, just a housing to stop bigger foreign objects entering and also act as a silencer
  18. That route prediction was for a start the day before, the race start was delayed until the next morning. Rounding Channel Island would have been interesting in 50 kns plus
  19. I heard the Predictwind route planner has Romanza breaking the Race record, how accurate are these tools and will it happen??
  20. How about borrowing one from a fellow Crew.orger?
  21. Had a look at the server for the system and there isn't any LED flashing for the depth so that indicates a fault in the Server itself..... The beginning of the end I suspect.
  22. I am currently having more problems with my Nexus NX2 system depth giving a no response, does anyone know what I should detect voltage wise on the wiring? There are 3 wires to the depth transducer which doesn't look to be on the network. What are the white and brown (can I feed 12V to this one? as there is no supply) wires used for? I am starting to upgrade to B&G but currently waiting for a transducer.
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