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  1. Apparently, yacht racing is a fun sport and an enjoyable way to spend a weekend. If we on the Animal Farm could have got our hands on the f@#%er whom started this vicious myth at around midday Saturday they would have suffered a slow, horrible disemboweling with a winch handle. The function on Saturday night however went a long way towards reviving my faith in the sport. Well done PYBC, we'll certainly be back - if not for the racing at least for more of the steak!
  2. Can everyone in Orkland break out the Baked Beans for us? Looking like naff all breeze to be had
  3. Hey Booboo, when Damon complained of little wind, did he factor in all the hot air that Gary generates? Re: Pepe, I too have suffered from backstay seperation anxiety at one time on the Gaucho, not a good look. I wonder if it broke above the forestay or lower? the difference being one way leaves you something to work with, one does not!
  4. I hope they have a good reason for not Jury rigging and carrying on! How sweet would a leg win under Jury rig be! Be interesting to see what the cause was, I'm thinking masthead gear up in big breeze and stuffing it into a wave whilst trying to hang on to the faster boats would be the most honourable death of a stick
  5. Looking like this weekend could be a tad light, which isn't such a bad thing other than the fact that you will be out there longer, which means you need to take more refreshments, which in turn makes the boat heavier, and therefore slower, which means even longer on the water, which infers you will need to take even more, repeat ad nauseum... A curse which has afflicted the sailing community for centuries I imagine
  6. I'll sail the race for ya KM, I'll hitch a ride out on the start boat, and swap with you when you get all the way up here and decide that a morning drinking tea out of a thermos and pinching WBC superwines is more appealing than a Ross 1 temperature Jacuzzi ride
  7. Stoked to see the 30 year old "Family Frightener" scaring big kids too. Not to take anything away from the boys on Pepe, but to me it's kind of a given that the boat will be fast when it's had Murray Delacy breathe on it. What that man doesn't know about making Ross boats go fast reliably isn't worth knowing. Off the top of my head the Ross's Muzza has built and campaigned over the years include: 930's Telegram Sam, Gasoline Alley Ross 35's The Manxman and Revs Ross 40 Revs And more recently he turbo'd the 780 Kiwi Menace before buying the Animal Farm and bringing her into the now. The
  8. Can't be a class rule KM - Animal Farm is Knot a class boat!
  9. Yeah, looking forward to a decent skid. Been a little while I'll come over to your Maorihoarder, but I don't think I'll be accepting any gifts from you Booboo... I am still relying on eyewitness accounts to peice together my movements on a certain Friday night before the SR nats a few years ago... Plus being a on a 930 means I'll have to be a bit more mature - not so much "Dirty Sanchez", more "Unwashed South American"
  10. I'm not surprised at all there Marshy! But if I was to take that off your hands I'd be depriving an SR26 somewhere of a chance to send it down the mine!
  11. Animal Farm doesn't actually have a Masthead Kite or Genny yet, so that declaration may have been a bit premature
  12. Dont worry Richard, a certain other 930 will be out there to keep you honest/entertained. Congrats on your purchase by the way, and welcome to the "I wish I still had my SR26 club!". FLC
  13. Go Karma Police!!!! Finished an hour ahead of Revs, and in some good company.... surely a contender for overall Handicap? Big ups to the boys
  14. Got the call tonight, that a trip up the coast is likely providing we can get the boat up to scratch in one big hurry. We NEED to beg/borow/hire a liferaft. We'll be two handed on a 930 so small valise one would be tops. Contact me via PM, or text/call 021 050 7060. Cheers Nigel
  15. All things going well I'll be doing it two handed on Animal Farm. Not technically an SR mind you... but it's light and overpowered and ex SR owners make up 50% of the crew, and I'll be going large when I get to Russell so I reckon it counts. BTW, does anyone know where we can beg/borrow/steal a liferaft for the race? Kind of urgent now I guess Nigel 021 050 7060
  16. Yep, same beast. Was originally Murray Ross's own boat many moons ago and yes it was a ghastly shade of grassy green. It has just had a major re-fit including complete new keel, shifted chainplates for more modern swept spreader rig (NO RUNNERS - YAY!), retractable carbon unstayed prod and a new suit of rags thanks to Booboo at Norths. Diesel has been given the arse and it now has a 15hp honda four stroke in a bridge deck just aft of companionway. Seems to boot along quite nice now and is plenty stiff so not really the "Family Frightener" she once would have been... Oh, and she's an even g
  17. Hi John. I'll be out there trying not destroy 'Animal Farm' (Ross 930M). Stay well clear, especially to windward, leeward, forward and behind as it's been a while since I swung of the end of a steering bat However, if its really windy, or really calm, or there's the slightest chance of rain you won't see me out there - I am not a fanatic!
  18. Last good Simrad downhill push we got in the SR fleet it was mast tops and dog paddling skippers that you had to avoid. At least this time I will have another 1.5m of waterline and 350+kg of lead to make bad things happen a tad slower...
  19. Some Pics. Mean looking little boat
  20. Hi Richard. I tracked Chris down a few months back and had a chat re: Depth Charge, as I have always admired her. Quite a boat it would seem. Here is her story: Hi Nigel Thank you for your interest in Depth Charge. I designed and built Depth Charge to ABS scantlings as a minimum size short handed off-shore capable sailing vessel. Launched in 1996 I have lived on her for extended periods and have cruised her from Tom Bowling Bay around North Cape to the Mercury Islands. We won a third on handicap in the coastal Classic one year, and in the last year I campaigned her, I won the lo
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