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  1. I was talking to the chemist at work about what to do with the antifoul on the stern of my 830 as on the mooring unladen a good deal of the hull won't be immersed and I was wondering if it was worth doing it. He said this area is called the inter tidal zone and is a real problem for marine coatings. It slaps and gets wet long enough for nasties to grab a hold but is dry long enough to ensure the biocides in the antifoul wont work properly. I imagine the issue you are facing is a similar story.
  2. That thing is sick! Looks like it belongs in the bat cave
  3. RFD or similar quality, one to suit a small 5 year old and one for a lean 7 year old. Crotch strap would be mega. Need by Monday night What's out there? 021 766546
  4. Sunfast racing at Marsden Cove, broken Lower spreader. Steady stream of small boats heading south too. Not a lot of fun to be had with short waterlines in this stuff obviously
  5. Crikey! That looks like the exact unit. I'll pull the old one out of the rig tonight and run the verniers over it.
  6. It's tiny, around 85mm round section with the main track riveted on. It's 500mm shorter in the hoist than a standard 830 one too... so I am steeling myself for the ridiculing and name calling. Shapeshifter may well become "Stumpshifter" I guess it's because she originally ran a ballasted centerboard and would have been too frightening with the full monty...
  7. I collected the rig on the weekend, it's deck stepped and uses a base with a pin aft to help step the mast like a trailer sailer rig. Sorting through the boxes of junk I have found the broken remnants of the original base, and have taken measurements off it in the hopes of finding a replacement. Whereabouts could I lay my hands on one of these cast aluminium beasts at short notice? Rather not have to get something made if I can help it. Also, going to need a pair of lower spreaders, to suit 28 degree sweep approx 1000mm long suitable for wire rigging. The spreader root is a basic slot wit
  8. Great to see the old girl back in her element! - Well done on the refit.
  9. This weekend just gone was also jam packed full of family type stuff and a couple of Thugby games so what should have been a half day job to get the rudder system sorted ended up spanning two days and an evening. I wanted to through bolt the gudgeons from the inside, glueing the stainless bolts in so they became studs on the outside of the hull enabling me to get the gudgeons off easily in the future if required. This wasn't going to be an issue on the upper one as the bolts would be reachable from inside the motor well. The lowers however were separated from prying eyes, fumbling fingers an
  10. Ok, plenty of non boating stuff going on over the last couple of weekends but managed to squeeze a bit more alone time in to tick another couple of items off the list. Bathurst weekend was internal strengthening time, I wasn't entirely happy with the lack of structure in the stbd side of the keel case so opted to build a kitset ring frame to tie it to the floors, stbd chainplate and bunk fronts. Using CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) I made templates up and then traced them onto 19mm ply. I laminated three bits of this together to make a 57mm thick frame which I then glued, coved, taped and glass
  11. Sweet thanks everyone VB I'll grab that 15mm ID one off you. I'll give you a call
  12. Anyone got lying around a little piece of carbon tube for making a bobstay hole through the knuckle of my 830? I know I could get something sent from Kilwell but we are talking a little offcut...anything with an id of 15-25mm and a max length of 100mm. Cheers!
  13. Yes the SF3600 was immaculate and showed almost no signs of being sullied... unless you happened to read the keyboard labels ... priceless
  14. Went there yesterday with a shopping list for the 830 refit. Got a great deal on a GME multimedia sound system and VHF. Very helpful guys on their corporate stand. Wanted a full set of coastal wet weather gear, and decent life jackets for the kids.... didn't find either Also took roughly 45 mins of slow, deliberate driving around the lower part of the city to find a park thanks in no small part to all the roadworks. The weather was mint however!
  15. You flatter me Richard.... my only skill in that boat was NEVER GIVING UP! anything to haunt you on those long short handers in theTravelling Man
  16. Oooohhhhhhh..... That's tempting Byron! Would be great to get up close and personal with a sorted 830 before the final fitout on mine. I'm out of the country for Novembers races so that would be two drops... I see no substitute skippers but can a series entrant still score points if he races two different 830's? ha ha
  17. Dam you all! The Shapeshifter won't be ready for the first weekend of this series.... somebody lend me a Ross Boat!
  18. I wouldn't think you would need one that big. Trailer sailers are usually pretty well balanced with their weight over or just forward of the axle. i would think something in the 200-250kg range would be more than enough. This looks as good a place as any: http://www.trailerpartsnz.com/product_info.php/jockey-wheel-swivel-mount-p-2105
  19. Thanks - I've passed the number onto the Minister for profit disbursement and shoe acquisitions for follow up.
  20. Thanks Adrian. Am I correct in thinking a substantial saving could be had by sourcing and cutting the actual foam squabs myself - and handing them all to one of these chaps to cover? Looks like a high density 25mm foam sheet glued onto the bottom of a 75mm medium poly foam mattress could be the way to go. Soft enough for comfort but the lower layer would prevent hip/elbow clunking on the bunk tops, while not being too fat...?
  21. Missus FLC wants some "Professional" type to make and cover new squabs for the 830. It seems she trusts my upholstery skills as much as I do... Can anyone recommend a good trimmer who will get it done before xmas without eating into the new sail budget too much? Boat is on the hard in Whangaparaoa.
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