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  1. Looking good KM Glad to see I'm not the only one whom has positioned the outer prod tube as close to deck height as possible! A lot of boats seem to have them further down which moves them away from the grunty gunwhale/hull to deck join. I was going for maximum strength while not giving away too much anchor locker and front berth headroom...
  2. Ok, less important life type stuff has robbed me of a couple of weekends of what should have been yacht based toil, but we are on the verge of undercoating the 830 now... Prod tube fitted and faired, stem all cleaned up and toerails made, glued, glassed and faired... getting really good at this sanding lark now ha ha! Going to jack and chock the hull in the cradle one night this week to ping the waterline, bit of masking and dusting/wiping down then three coats wet on wet of highbuild epoxy primer thinned only just enough to use as a filler coat will be going on cabin, decks and topsides thi
  3. Good to see her back. Those two BBW minis were battling against the odds from day one
  4. Cheers Booboo. If you were going to make one adjustable from the cockpit I imagine the purchase would have to be pretty decent?
  5. Mast is deck stepped. The guy who I got it off had a modified Ross 650 and was going to drag a lot of the tricks over to the 830 which was never finished. It was definitely going to be a tuning option as the boat was destined to stay on a mooring. Just want to be sure I'm not going to regret grinding this tube off the base of the pulpit!
  6. Chook! Don't tell me you have gone full Feral Richard and bought a Mini?
  7. My 830 pulpit has a stainless tube running through the forefoot where it bolts onto the stem. I am told the forestay was to run through this to a tensioning system. My question is - is it worth the drama on an 8.3 metre keel boat, and if so how would you rig the system in a way that would be effective and easy to use without introducing clutter to the decks or water down below? Or should I cut it off and get a basic forestay tang made?
  8. Initially I would have agreed but we are going to have one that folds out to the opposite side of the stem to keep it clear of the prod.
  9. Ok another weekend done and dusted. Received the new carbon prodder and tube from Jason at Kilwell during the week so first priority was finding center-line of the boat and rigging up a long alloy straightedge with string line coming back to where I needed the prod to retract without using up too much of the space my anchor locker or front berth. Once I had that sorted and triple checked that when 2 metres out the end of the prod was still on the center-line I set about making some holes. Firstly in the newly reinforced bulkhead/anchor locker back wall and then rather more carefully in the h
  10. Thanks guys, just have to work out height and curve now ha ha. KM do you still have the old track off yours?
  11. Yes that would be my intention Booboo, I'm really just after upwind angles
  12. My 830 is missing it's jib track and car system, I have the brackets however. I am going to go with an overlapper for racing but seeing as how it came with two new self tacking jibs and I will be cruising a fair bit with small kids I thought it couldn't hurt to install the self tacking system in the refit. I don't however, want the lower leg remover type setup which attaches to the stanchions, and I'm not so sure they need to go that far out anyway seeing as the sheeting angles are so narrow. Can anyone shed some light on the maximum practical angle or distance from centreline that they ty
  13. All's supposed to be fair in love and war, however the same can't be said for Cedar core Ross boats ha ha. Two weekends effort
  14. It's a modified Ross 830 with a retractable bulb fin keel. Hoping to splash around Labor Weekend all things going well!
  15. After much stalling I finally got my hands on the new toy. Dad's Hiab truck and my bosses big alloy trailer from his Southern Fizz boat and a few willing hands and the process actually went pretty smoothly! She has been out of the water for 20 years, and is pretty much a new boat looking forward to a fresh start on life
  16. As title states, looking for a shed to get my latest relationship tester out of the weather. Something 10 metres deep by 5 or 6 metres wide would be ideal, the yacht has a retractable keel so it doesn't have to be especially high stud. Concrete floor would be great as the cradle is on castors, power a must. Need it for approx 4-8 weeks, would be sanding/priming/painting but care would be taken to mask walls, floor etc if required. Nigel 021 766 546
  17. Anyone got any history on this boat? I know it was originally in Taupo and has raced in Auckland, though not for some years.
  18. Piqued my interest. The SR26 we had is a distant memory but my boys are 3 and 5 now and I think it's time to go sailing again The 7.9's were always a solid little performer - Does anyone have any dirt on this little yacht? Pm if you wish
  19. Can't be a class rule KM - Animal Farm is Knot a class boat!
  20. Yeah, looking forward to a decent skid. Been a little while I'll come over to your Maorihoarder, but I don't think I'll be accepting any gifts from you Booboo... I am still relying on eyewitness accounts to peice together my movements on a certain Friday night before the SR nats a few years ago... Plus being a on a 930 means I'll have to be a bit more mature - not so much "Dirty Sanchez", more "Unwashed South American"
  21. I'm not surprised at all there Marshy! But if I was to take that off your hands I'd be depriving an SR26 somewhere of a chance to send it down the mine!
  22. Animal Farm doesn't actually have a Masthead Kite or Genny yet, so that declaration may have been a bit premature
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