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  1. I wonder why he could not make a rudder with the pole an floor board maby
  2. Samson 38 is it concrete
  3. Yes black panther has a point if it came over the comings and back a bit it would look no so short and tall and provide shelter , maby
  4. Dr Watson I wonder how many it takes to get a 60 ft mono up out of the water against a light flimsy cat that two guts can carry one hull will be interesting
  5. Thanks island time but he does not want to be in the village but thankyou
  6. Hi I still have a friend wanting a 10.6. Berth gulf harbour arriving any day very long term
  7. They could put an add in the paper , sailors wanted
  8. I have friends in stmaarten who's boat was ok but the wind force blew the rig down , the boat was on concrete piles for and aft he added chains around the poles , the boat rose 6 ft or more ,there was a lull in the. Wind wich gave them time to lash the rig after it blew down But they survived ok , as for cheep boats I have not herd that one ,not many boats have rigs standing so I don't know there that rumour came from Any in time some uninshured boats maby be cheep. Who's knows
  9. Where the hell did you find this Here in nz
  10. Iam not sure tnz has experience in foiling monos cats maby from my experience with foiling monos they need wind and the more the better so it will be interesting to see what goes into the water . Weight is the factor , balance , and in a mono once your up there , there is no screaming around the deck adjusting sails , they would have to design a paper light boat ,
  11. I would thought that the development we hade made with foiling , and winning the cup after years of trying and millions later we would keep that development going .but no we go back to mono hull , , until we loose it again then back to cats . only 32 months to go , we have to design a boat ,build it and try it , then train up some sailors to sail it , then spend millions on a place to have it and others ,then hope the competition offer to challenge it ,government don't want a bar of it or English can't see it as being any good and won't open the cheque book up , , Blake tried to make
  12. What will they get a mono 60 footer out of the water doing 40 kts
  13. We're a bit thick , we perfect a fast boat , win a cup , and change the boat and start again ,
  14. Waikiore well said and dead right
  15. Wheels you saying the next step regulators are bad for charging up quickly ,what alternated takes 20 hours to fill a battery
  16. Boo boo if the solar charge is high like 5 to 9 amps it's telling you the battery's have no resistance , Iif the battery's were holding charge the resistance would be low as they top up so the panels charge would be 2 to 3 amps constant my house battery has just done the same my panel charge is showing 4 to 6 amps and battery goes flat over night with out using it ( not holding charge ) your alternater will be small on a factory motor. I had to change up to 75 amps as 40 amps was supplied from New Deregulate your alternated and you have full charge on key , through the next step regulated i
  17. Yes it's fair to say between $600 or up to $1k lesson learned people ask me all the time for rough figures on thing they want to do to there homes , I give them a ball park and if they want to go further then I cost it up accurately and stick to it from experience past in this industry , I won't say $600 and go into to gain more wich there is a lot of that going on , $600 the tempting and $1300 actual You Won't get replete custom
  18. Well let's say 4 turnbuckles at $30 is $120 , thimbles x 8 say including crimps $20 each , 4 mill wire is $6.00 mtr say $200 ,shackles pins say $20 , labour say $400 + gst it's getting up there seem $600 was light or just a ges maby
  19. Sounds like you don't want to go there , my mates 30 ft yacht just had all new wires , turnbuckles , unfitted as we did that $3100 wire , swages, turnbuckles , pins etc double back stay and Y fitting So $600 bucks be careful , he may have quoted one wire
  20. I am so lucky I can do everything on my ship , building it , glasing it , painting , wiring , fit the engine. Stand the rigging , it's so handy to have the will and skills , if I don't know how I will have a go after advice I feel for the captains who can't or won't ,
  21. Or some the lack of there own ability to know how long it should take
  22. There's estimating for a job you have done many times ,or there is gestimating that's the one that a lot of contractors use , if your going to give a guy an estimate , firstly cost the materials and then an approx of hours and tell him what it could cost if if if , you come across a prob , but it's courtesy to contact the bill payer and go over the issues that have arisen. Not jus barrel ahead and hope he will pay , thoes guys should be exposed
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