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  1. I've got a 2005 Beneteau First 40.7 I reckon would meet your criteria. It's been to Fiji twice, my wife and I sail it easily, not sure about 6'4" headroom but 6'2" son wanders around inside no trouble. If you are in Tauranga and interested in having a look to see what one looks like you are welcome to.
  2. Don't know where the story came from about chains on Sulphur Point gates but it is completely wrong, the gates are closed and locked electronically as normally happens every night of the year. All berth-holders received 2 days notice that this would happen as did anyone else authorized to use the marina. If someone needs access all they have to do is email or telephone as per the notice.
  3. Hi Skyewater, The email from Sulphur Point Marina also points out that staff are walking the jetties regularly checking for problems which is probably more attention than a lot of boats normally get. It also gives a couple of phone numbers to call if you have a real concern and access will be arranged in an emergency.
  4. Our jetties are getting walked every day by marina staff checking for possible issues.
  5. Had exactly the same problem, even worse when I upgraded the anchor to a Manson Supreme 45lb. Had a self launching extension made up and works well, anchor clears the bow in rest position, aids launching and retrieval. The weight of the chain keeps some tension on the snub rope even when no wind or tide, just make sure you have enough slack chain to let the snubber take the load and you won't get any noise. Make sure you get the relativity right between pivot point and front and rear roller positions or it won't work properly, have a wander around a marina for ideas or use an experienced engi
  6. Rafin

    iPad GPS

    Thanks for all the input guys. It's an old iPad with wide plug as a matter of interest. Anyway a simple resolution has been found, I am simply going to swap iPads with my son for the trip, his is flasher and GPS equipped. He is doing part of the trip with us so can make sure it works for me! Thanks again.
  7. Rafin

    iPad GPS

    Thanks Will, I'll be in touch.
  8. Rafin

    iPad GPS

    Just wondering if anyone can offer some advice please, heading to Fiji, Vanuatu soon and have an older non GPS ipad2. Have downloaded Google Earth maps on and will run it through an iridium phone. Does anyone know if we can connect GPS to this iPad. Figure it would be a good extra to the Chartplotter. Thanks.
  9. Planning a trip to Fiji, Vanuata and New Caledonia June this year. Anybody have a copy of Michael Calders "A Yachtsman's Fiji" they would like to sell? Would also like similar books on Vanuata and New Caledonia if anything around. Thanks.
  10. Pretty well all marinas now want $5mil 3rd party cover, not much if you happen to set fire to a few new boats. Do you need full insurance? Some companies will sell just the third party cover.
  11. Try the "Inflatable Boat Company" , 10 Maru street, Mt Maunganui. Not sure if they are still going but did a repair for me a few years ago.
  12. As Sundreamer says, privately owned but owners kindly allow us to wander around the farm. The Cove is sheltered in most conditions. The bay mentioned is Coralie and very pretty. Consider launching at Whitianga as Kuaotunu can be lumpy at times and you might have fun getting out again. The people at Whitianga Marina are pretty helpful, give them a call and check re casual launching and vehicle storage etc.
  13. Rafin

    BMW D7

    If it's the sea-water pump impeller you are looking for there is a good chance this is not made by BMW. Many manufacturers simply fit a Jabsco, Johnson or some other pump. Lustys used to have a neat cross-reference guide with impeller measurements etc., maybe take the impeller and gasket into them or a similar competent supplier.
  14. Rafin

    Outboard servicing.

    I have a 2hp Yamaha (looks just like the Suzuki) runs nicely but was a bit lumpy at idle, thinking it was too rich at low revs I dismantled the carburettor and found the fuel/air mixture can be adjusted. From memory there was a small circlip on the needle valve that had 3 grooves that gave varying mixture rates. Factory setting was the middle groove, I think I raised the circlip to lower the needle to get a leaner fuel rate and it now idles very sweetly.
  15. Rafin

    Half Moon Bay

    Thanks for the advice everyone, we'll give it a go later this week if the weather co-operates!
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