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  1. Everyone, It’s a while since I posted and the finish of this race now, but being a cruiser now I only have intermittent internet. I said I'd provide my thoughts on doing this race, so here goes. It was a pity that with over 40 registrations of interest only 13 boats started. The Tasman gave its usual sort of weather - from close to 50 Knts (gusts only) on a couple of occasions, down to one day (for me - more or less for others) of almost complete calm. Many of the competitors thought it was a tough crossing. Most boat finished with some damage. Aparori (spell?) 1st mono, with a broken
  2. Island Time


    Bye everyone, thanks for your help and entertainment over the last year or two! I'm leaving Mana for New Plymouth (and the start of the Solo Tasman Easter Sunday) tomorrow at 9. Following the Solo Tasman my wife and I are doing the Sail Indonesia and Sail Malaysia rallies leaving Darwin on 24 July. We intend to go up to the Med next year. For anyone who is interested I'm keeping a blog and website at http://http:\\www.paulins.net Squid if you feel there is anything interesting feel free to copy it. I'll keep it up to date when I can, but posting will normally be when in port When
  3. Some people do. I don't. I try to keep the Radio ground (counterpoise) and DC ground seperate. RF grounds need copper strap. It is a good idea the break the strap - a 10mm gap, and bridge the gap with ceramic disk capacators. This allows the RF ground, but breaks any DC ground loops you may have made, and isolates the plate to help avoid electrolysis....
  4. Today I fitted the new RF300 Simrad rudder transducer. It is the shielded model with the code "FA" between the part no and serial number. The issue with RF interfering with the autopilot is solved!!! Thanks for your help wheels! Cheers Matt
  5. Hi Wheels, I'll let you know the radio scheds one I have them... Cheers Matt
  6. Ok, I'm getting there with this. Navico have given me the following info; Simrad RF300 rudder feedback units were modified in 2004 to pass new RFI requirements. The case and the product codes did not change, but if you have one where the letters between the Part no and Serial no are not FA, and you have an RFI issue, you need to replace it with a new one. product code between the p/n and the s/n, i.e. XXXXXXXXFAxxxx. This is not in any book or documentaion I can find, but this info came direct from the Navico Technical Team leader. I have a new one on order.. Matt
  7. Man wheels you and I think alike. I've just come back from the boat, after fitting a switch just as you described! Prob do a sea trial tomorrow!! Cheers Matt
  8. Hi Wheels, all good stuff. Yep, I tried most of that, including putting the Rf300 in the oven!! (faraday cage - yes it was earthed!), the fwd cabin, all over. No luck. BUT today I realised that the AP can be installed without a Rudd Feddback unit, and then used a "virtual feedback" system. I tried this this morning and the problem is gone!!! This indicates to me that the issue is definitely the RF300 and or it's cable. I understand that the steering will be better with a feedback unit. I have asked Navico for advice, wether it is worth replaceing the RF300 (possibly faulty??) or what t
  9. Hi Wheels, Thanks for that. I have read most of that before (please don't let that put you off trying to help! - it's just so you know where I'm at..). I have the radio shack T5 grounded line isolator in the tuner-ATU coax, right by the ATU. As part of my testing, it was interesting to see that there were NO rf issues with the dummy load connected to the ATU antenna connection. This install has allways caused the instrument panel lights to flicker when transmitting. They did not with the dummy load. This indicates that the RF issue is coming virtually 100% from the antenna system. This
  10. Also the rf300 cable has ferrites at both ends, with 4 turns around each one. I had a radio engineer at the boat for most of the day today... I'm begining to suspect that I won't be able to fix this.....
  11. Is the antenna cable the backstay only? or is there any length of unshielded cable running inside the boat? The shielded cable needs to run all the way to the backstay and the shield must be connected at the ATU end only. Do not earth the shield at the backstay. The Antenna cable (from the tuner to the backstay) is an unshielded GT0-15 Silicon insulated antenna cable. It does have about 750mm inside the boat. But today I tred a peice of coax suggested by the local radio engineer, with the shield attached to first the batt neg, then the ground plane. No Difference for either solution Wh
  12. SSB and RF problems with Autopilot. This is a bit technical, and I have asked Advanced Trident and Navico in Norway for help, currently awaiting responses. Here is an outline to the problem; I have an AP26 unit with an AC20, RF300 and rate compass. It works very well except when transmitting on the SSB. This has not been an issue normally, as I just have someone steer while we are transmitting. However, I am competing in the 2010 Fitzroy Yachts Solo Tasman race, and I need this sorted for that, as there is no one “else”! There is an RF problem when transmitting that causes the rudder
  13. You can read all about it here, with some amazing pics... http://images.google.co.nz/imgres?imgur ... s%3Disch:1 Hope I NEVER SEE ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!!!
  14. Like this one? - The biggest wave on record occurred in Lituya Bay on the southern coast of Alaska in 1958. Caused by an earthquake measuring 8.3, the wave measured 524 m!!!!
  15. Thx, I'd read something similar at some stage, but I can't find any real info online....
  16. As most of you know I'm off long term crusing. Mostly there will be just me and the wife, but we will have reasonably regular guests, usually 2 at a time, but occasionally we may have a total of 6 crew at a time. My raft is a RFD Seasaver 6 +R, which would hold everone. However, I'll start the trip doing the solo tasman, and 70% of the time I'll have only 2 crew. How good is a 6 man raft with 2? Pehaps a 4 man raft would be better? Thoughts anyone?
  17. The price diff dacron/lam for Island Time was not much, if, as booboo said, you were planning on a decent dacron anyway. The new headsail I got from him is a Norlam furling no 2 (+ a bit - maybe a 2.5?). It replaces a Doyle cruise lam headsail that had done about 25,000 miles ove the last 9 years. It was stuffed, and had begun to delaminate. However, desipte what has been said about shape, and yes the doyle sail had had a few repairs, it was also a crap shape, and very hooked in the leach.The new Norths sail is a HUGE improvement for upwind, maybe 6-10% faster and 3-4 deg higher. Thats a lot!
  18. I'm doing just that. I chose Norlam, and yes Booboo's outfit made the sails!!
  19. Firstly My boat is a Phase 4, not a 1220. However, they are very similar, the phase 4 being 6 designs newer, and the first model being one peice vacuum baged. The 1220 used vacuum technologies, but only with smaller parts, and the quality control was not as advanced. I have also owned a 940 and raced on a 38, but only been on a 1220 a few times. Bruce Farr says that the 1220 and Phase 4 are very similar in perfomance, with the 1220 perhaps having a slight advantage. The 1220 draws 4 inches more, and weighs nearly 600 KG more. They have a slightly bigger rig to compensate. Most Farr bo
  20. Ellison said the next event is multi- challenger, with independent organisation, judges etc. Boat type yet to be decided. Mascalzone Latino challenger of record... He also said that the organisation's intent is to make sure the smaller teams with less funding (NZ, South Africa, China etc) find the sponsorship they need to compete, and that he wants it to be the biggest cup ever. All sounds good to me!
  21. Now BMW just has to stay together. Looks great! Never thought I'd be pleased to see the AC return to America!!!
  22. I use 2. Both ATNs. One for the kite, one for the jennaker. I like them when singlehanding, but with crew it's faster witout them. I've tried others, but the ATNs seem to work best. A bit pricey though! Have a look on sailrite...
  23. Nope, don't recognise her, sorry. However, I would say that the sail probably does not belong to the boat - or at least the rig. Most of the JC's after about sail number 200 had alloy rigs, and some had kite chutes in the foredeck. Makes no diff for your use! Looks like someone has recently painted her in the photos. Did you get a pole and kite with her? Matt
  24. Not sure about that. Sadly the JC is a defunct class in NZ now. There is no registry or class association as there was (as far as I know). It was once pretty strong here in Wellington, and had a fleet of over 20 at the nationals in the late 70's. There were good fleets in Chch as well. It's a real shame - this is the type of boat that encourages intermediate sailors. She'll plane easily, rewards trim and good sail set well, gives a really good speed sensation, and is not expensive. Have you got a photo??
  25. The issue with the bilge and tripple keelers is the larger wetted surface, and small , low aspect foils. Neither is good for performance, hence their sailing reputation. The NZ scows, though, were a work of art (IMO). Great load carrying capability, regularly loaded while dried out, shallow draft, and masses of sail. They went places that most modern sailors only dream about, and were NZ's main rural load carriers for quite some time. And yes they used leeboards. I'm not sure how efficiently they sailed - but it can't have been too bas seeing what they did!
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