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  1. Im not sure that that IS is spinlock clip. This is;
  2. Yes, seen the blurb and read the info. They look pretty good, but I have not actually set one up yet...
  3. Sorry the doco the price of fish is next weekend. Doh! Watch TV3, 26th July, 4.50pm, The Price of Fish.....
  4. I hope I have misinterpreted this post KM. In lieu of a sensible argument, are you suggesting that the reduction of the biomass of fish is good? This is a valuable food stock, apart from its obvious diversity and part of the natural balance of the planets fauna and flora. I hope it was another flippant comment:-) Watch TV3 tonight, 4.50pm, The Price of Fish.....
  5. The smartregs are ok, and I usually have one in stock. However, there is no alternator or battery temp sensor ability, so this is an entry level regulator. It's not suitable for a non hot rated alternator (like the Ingram above) connected to a large battery bank, where it may be expected to run at high output for long periods. The alt will melt down....
  6. Sorry, corrected and linked now... https://legasea.co.nz/
  7. Yep, seen those before, but not many! 30 yr old attempt at a smart reg. Sorry, but never had to deal with one that works!
  8. Could not disagree more KM. All the info you are asking for is on the legasea website. https://legasea.co.nz/ here is an outline of the issues, written by a friend of mine - who was a small quota owner. The damage large corporate commercial fishing industry have done to our fisheries. With approx 85% of quota controlled by 4 large fishing companies & IWI, who in turn lease a large amount of their quota back to these large corporates, they have an iron tight grip on over $3 billion NZ dollars of asset that is still owned by NZ’ers. NZ Seafood Industry Council (NZSF) is a
  9. So KM, you are saying that due to corruption, it's not worth trying one of the only ways we have to try to remedy this? Its that type of attitude that allowed it to get to this stage. Its not going to be easy, but most things worth doing are hard.
  10. Its more than just that HT. Take the orange roughy stocks for example. The fishing companies would have you believe that they have voluntarily stopped fishing for them for the next 2 years. The fact is that for the last 5 years, the average size of the fish has been decreasing (not mature), and now they are UNABLE to catch their "quota". Now they are publishing that the reduction in stock is due to "Global Warming". This despite the fact that they have 3+ massive modern fishing boats fishing the spawning area 24x7. Also, currently, Trident, who are fully owned by the 3 largest fishing co
  11. This link is the tohatsu one, bu they had some american ones as well, 10 KG lighter. Call them and see . https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/outboards/listing-2700670681.htm?rsqid=238e575a11c4425cb4cff190a9523495-001 I have an old one. Been/is a great motor.... This is the one, you can see the gear select on the tiller. Hard to find now though...they finished production a year or so ago. Shame.
  12. The lightest 15 IIRC is a Mercury 15 2 stroke - the American spec one with the gear shift on the twist grip. 32Kg I think, but I could check...
  13. a resistor is rated in ohms, V=IR. Resistors release energy as heat... Just change the flasher unit - one of these will do. https://www.jaycar.com.au/3-pin-led-relay-flasher-to-suit-japanese-cars-12vdc/p/SY4018
  14. How many of you have signed the petition? If we ant any fish left at all, the quota system needs to be dumped and replaced. Oversight must be removed from the fishing companies. Cameras on fishing boats should be compulsory. Winston and his cronies can %^$ off! Sign here http://link.legasea.co.nz/ls/click?upn=nPA8sUC1d8xKH0fWeX3unlzlPGT7hnoBaX-2FA7-2BIqzR-2Fybuw5pN3mP0HiQSBXXAIc8Awf_nBMila15giqBjQ7skElM40AwMeNgMXZori2c3J-2FiHz0xeFoPKObvDjVgLkSOTkrCw796dOIkqHDOMvgfwnhyXEt-2Bi2AfoWRGF-2BmVufuNBidTJlqtdalLjW0w9tauGGIxaRxma-2FsRR7V1Ijshcw9-2BTb8bIyYtnlQaeg2RUsI87rCjkWO3KcfAoRskvEFlWzMJW
  15. Or change the flasher unit to an LED capable one. Much better solution.
  16. Wellington, http://www.mjmarine.co.nz/ Maurice Dickie. Good, quality work Auckland. https://www.facebook.com/NZ-Shipwrights-Ltd-100381874667427/ Jorn Douglas, 0276992674 good general repairs etc Whangarei, https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=twenty%2020%20marine%20ltd Richard Edlin, 021416531, Very good boatbuilder, designer, all material types. Probably others, but if you talk to these guys, tell them Matt Paulin recommended them. You'll get a good honest deal from all three.
  17. I don’t have experience of a variant, but Allan designed good boats. Several of his small keelers have done ocean passages. Being a fully decked keeler, she’ll be fine in most conditions, albeit a bit lively in the rough stuff. Provided the boat and gear is good and sound, it will be your limits rather than the boats! Hull speed for a displacement boat is easy - 1.34xsquare root of waterline length (in feet) congratulations on the new boat!
  18. Voice can be important in some situations, such as a medical event, where talking directly to a doc is a big advantage.
  19. Agree Wheels. Another option if you have a tank with no drain at the base is to have a bung inserted directly above the low point, o. The top. Then, if there is any water in your separator glass bowl, clent it, then remove the bung, put in the tube from a vacuum oil extractor, right to the bottom of the tank. Suck it out until only clean diesel comes out.
  20. Quite the clamp collection too!
  21. Cool KM, brings back some memories!
  22. A single wave can do that. Ever been pooped?
  23. Diesel bug requires water to survive. SS tanks are the worst, as they condensate on a cold day when warm diesel is returned from the engine. These days, most production boats use plastic tanks, which helps. Better still, is built in fibreglass tanks - the box section can add structural integrity to the boat, where as strapped down tanks reduce it. Best place for a breather is central and high up on the transom - fumes go overboard, less chance of water ingress.
  24. It has been bought to my attention that some of you think I have deleted the YNZ thread. Although I did threaten to lock it due to the aggressive nature of some of the posts in this controversial thread, I did not delete it. It was removed by the original thread poster, which is the right of any thread starter on this site. This site is a discussion forum. I realize that sometimes, some topics get people worked up. Please, be polite, respectful, and keep withing the site rules. Then we can have discussions that may actually do some good!
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