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  1. I am in Gulf Harbour marina, so difficult to move to tank water.
  2. Starting to feel a sense of concern over not being able to wash the boat down. Surely a quick wash down wouldn't be more than the equivalent of two showers and would only be once or twice a month for most boat owners in Auckland?? Will Watercare be paying for damage to finishes and fittings, due to their failure to ensure Auckland's water supply? Also just found out that you can only use a bucket for wet sanding of antifoul, no hoses. Sounds like about 100 trips to the tap to fill up the bucket and probably more water wastage than using a hose.
  3. I have found Hempel to work well for me. Good balance of price vs performance.
  4. My vote would be a Hanse 400. I am 6'4" and have great headroom in mine. They are built extremely well and are certified to ISO Category A “Offshore”. Very easy to sail single handed with self tacking jib, but also very good performance. More info here https://www.practical-sailor.com/sailboat-reviews/used_sailboats/hanse-400-boat-review
  5. I accepted a quote for a bimini, dodger and infill from someone recommended before in this forum (and this thread) in May 2018. I waited for 4 months and after many calls, was given a number of excuses, only to be finally told that he was "moving away from marine work". It was pretty disappointing to be let down after patiently waiting for so long and so close to summer. I ended up going with Calibre Sails in Whangarei (don't let the location put you off, our boat is in Auckland) They measured in a week and I had everything done and side clears a couple of weeks after paying the deposit. I
  6. Time to give the sails a bit of a clean, anyone have some recommendations? What works, what doesn't? From some reading around it sounds like bleach (30 Seconds) is a no no, as it will rot the stitching. The one recommendation I have seen a few times is Napisan. The process is to spread the sail on the lawn and wet it, sprinkle Napisan and rub in with a soft brush. Then roll the sail up and leave it for 12 to 24 Hrs and then thoroughly wash down and dry. I thought of adding some laundry detergent just before the final wash down.
  7. Can anyone recommend someone who does repairs to boat gas ovens/hobs in Auckland?
  8. It's ironic that I found humour watching hung over dads motoring ashore in the morning, with Spot at the front of the dinghy in controlled exuberance. On reflection though, it is the wife that wants the dog, so once trained in the required outboard skills, those mornings on the aft deck may be just that more entertaining!
  9. I have seen a number of dogs on yachts and it seems reasonably common these days. Does anyone have any tips or advice for having one onboard? We have 8 week old Cavoodle joining the family next month, she will be about the size of a Toy Poodle. I wonder what age she would be OK to take out on the yacht for weekends etc?
  10. I can recommend Grotamar. I had bug showing up in my first filter and was advised to remove my tank for cleaning. I did a bit of research and found Grotamar not only killed the bug, but broke it down to microscopic sizes that could pass through the filters and engine without causing any issue. You hit it with a shock dose initially and then just a maintenance dose with every refill. I have had clean filters for the last 4 years now. I do keep the tank topped up too though.
  11. B00B00, yes in retrospect we definitely made the wrong decision. Although we left on the 28th and at the time I seem to remember forecast winds in the 30's and a day and a half of rain. I have only been to Port Fitzroy once before for a day and thought the massive hills/mountains there would provide very good wind protection. Our boys are a little older than yours and would fine for a day or so of rain. The hard part was the strong winds that came through and how it affected all the boats there. We were in the best place to anchor and still had the boat on it's side in the gusts. A lot of
  12. Took the family to the Barrier for the first time just before New Years. 3 days stuck in the cabin with 2 kids, with wild wind and rain is not what happy family boating memories are made of. Then waiting for the weather window to appear for us all to get home and a bumpy ride home yesterday. Won't ever get the family back there on a boat again, which is a shame.
  13. maharg

    Pin Stripes

    Thanks chaps. I spoke to them, they don't have quite the right width and also can only sell a 45m roll, I just need about 15m. If anyone else is interested in "pimping" their yacht, let me know. Stripes like these are guaranteed at least an extra Knt...
  14. maharg

    Pin Stripes

    Can anyone recommend a supplier for pin stripes for a yacht? I need a red 12mm and blue 30mm, about 20m of each. Removed some very cracked and faded stripes today using a "caramel wheel", which I can really recommend. It even smells like caramel
  15. Does anyone know if there is any streaming online of the in port and pro am Auckland races?
  16. maharg

    Berth swap

    Thanks chaps. Got a tenant sorted.
  17. maharg

    Berth swap

    We have a 12m berth in Bayswater and want to look at swapping with someone in Gulf Harbour for a few months. Anyway interested?? We just want to explore cruising out of Gulf Harbour for a change. Let me know if this is not the right place to post this.
  18. maharg


    Looks like at least two yachts have broken moorings and are beached at Northcote Point. Also I might be wrong but I am sure there is a large mast where a mast shouldn't be at the North Shore side of the Harbour Bridge.
  19. maharg

    Full Credit

    Technology is good to generate innovative boat design. But there should be a cap on how much you can spend on a campaign, to make it fair all entrants.
  20. maharg

    Race 18

    Regardless of whether we win or lose tomorrow, we should welcome the boys back as heros. If we think this is stressful, just imagine what it has been like for them. They have represented NZ well and made us proud! On the future of the America's Cup if Oracle do win it. I would suggest that to keep their best and at this stage only real competitor alive, that Larry bring the next America's Cup to NZ.
  21. Thanks for the info bbay and IT. Sounds like there are some exciting instrument options on the horizon, look forward to seeing your web site when it is up IT. Sorry to take your original post slightly off topic On Tilt.
  22. Would be very interested in how you do that bbay. Please post anything you find out.
  23. I would be looking at a Trojan 750, the fixed keel type. The one I used to have went very well and was a lot of fun to sail. She is a good balance of racer/cruiser if you want both. I would choose her over a Tracker which I think is a bit more cruiser by comparison. Definitely worth stretching the budget to a 25ft+ yacht if you want to go further and also be comfortable.
  24. Another vote for Mike (and his partner Cheryl). Fantastic teacher, I learnt loads from them after crewing for 4 years on Share Delight.
  25. Yes I remember you coming past us on our leeward side, your cat has quite a few windows? We were looking at going inside Percy, but then saw everyone going outside so decided to do the same. After 12 hours of motoring our impellor decided to die just after you passed us, so my co-pilot was on his own outside there for a bit, while I attempted to fit a spare, didn't fancy tacking all the way in to Opua and on to a swing mooring...
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