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  1. I think the fee structure illustrates the numpties that administer local government charges. How does it cost more to register a longer boat and why are they in nice tidy 5 an 10 metre units? Don't get me started on how much it costs to register the mutt.
  2. The instruction sheet says replacement should only be by a qualified watchmaker. Has anyone had a go themselves or have they had a good experience with an Auckland based watchmaker? My concern is that if it's not done properly it will always leak. 8. BATTERY REPLACEMENT The watch and timer battery should be replaced by a qualified watchmaker. Watch: 1x CR2032 3.0 volt Lithium battery Timer: 2x CR2032 3.0 volt Lithium battery
  3. Maybe it could top up Auckland's water supply while it was docked?
  4. Mostly an unreasonable walk from the bus to the pier carrying sailing gear including supplies for the cruise back along with where do they get a bus when we got back at 1am? You could say they should stay on the boat but that the end of the day it's a marina to promote the enjoyment of using the boat. This is becoming less enjoyable when where to park a car is the major consideration.
  5. Last Coastal I asked for an extra car park pass and I was seriously asked if I couldn't use public transport.
  6. I'm in - I think this is my 5th straight year. Still a newbie.
  7. Does anyone have one of these sitting around they would like to part with?
  8. Did the last 2 races and had a blast - thanks SANZ and sponsors. First time I have entered the series and taken the little trailer sailer out in these conditions.Learnt a heap and we'll be back next year. Thanks also to my crew and supporters.
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