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"A" On the move in the harbour

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I wonder how they can maintain such secrecy over in effect many years. There must be heaps of NZers had something to do with the boat while here not only the painting but general trade maintenance both inside and outside the hull. Unless of course they have fully equipped workshops and trade staff on board so that commoners are not allowed up the gangplank! There is 2 ways to prevent even a cell phone picture to get out. One threaten to cut off fingers, and two pay some hush money.
Do you feel brave enough to take on the Russian Mafia? No neither is anyone else.


The word is not even all the crew can access all parts of that boat.


Confidentiality agreements are common when dealing with big things like that. I even had to sign one for a job we did on a boat that's in Dubai and I haven't even seen a photo of. But then we do make the world sexiest superboat docklines so maybe they just don't want other boats knowing then pinching them :lol: :lol:

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That's today as well WO? after the tide turned.( must be) I was back in westhaven on the last of the flood.

I expect those are the car carrier and the cruise ship I saw coming in.

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have been keeping company with A since the Med 2011...not that they would remember us, never got invited to sundowners :wave:


Saw them in La Formentera in the Balerics, and other places then in Tahiti and had a close encounter with them in a narrow channel on Raiatea. We were moving to pass port to port but they gave us a hoot and wanted to pass green to green. So we didn't argue so we moved, I guess when you are that big you can make the rules to suit yourself.


And now here in Auckland we are just about neighbours again.

A at Formentera.JPG

Tuatara and A share an anchorage..JPG

Close encounter with A at Raiatea.-001.JPG

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