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2015 Fully Crewed Central Triangle


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So all the boats have finished L2 safely then...... He says only guessing from Nes's post saying L3 is about to start.   I checked the organising clubs website this morning, as I have done everyday

Absolutely epic fee hours.... winds sustained over 50kt times. Boat speed 18-26kts. In sight of blink the whole race so far, never more than a few nm apart. Now side by side in light airs just south o

Ha smithy my skin is waterproof. It's only going to be a 20hr race so who needs gear. It only slows you down.

Where you getting that info from?

All I can find is a list of who has finished and who hasn't.

Booboo's facebook posts, Central triangle facebook posts and Royal Port Nich.. They could do better with the coverage though, and trackers are conspicuous by their absence.. Don't tell me they are going to get a ripping Southerly up to Napier now?? That would be too much.. Lucky buggers.

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My very q&d calcs have the results as :

Crusader 35      01 00:06:43  1.022  01 00:38:33
Satelite Spy     01 04:23:08  0.892  01 01:19:12
Blink            01 01:02:16  1.022  01 01:35:19
Jive Talkin      01 07:45:14  0.870  01 03:37:33
Revs             01 09:00:56  0.895  01 05:32:56
Montego Bay III  01 16:10:14  0.761  01 06:34:11
Gucci            01 18:10:10  0.758  01 07:57:52

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