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Fleet of 19 already --still room for others --as the weather is predicted to be crappy this far in advance its unlikely to be by the time of the start---As we are the finishing boat and leaving early Thursday morning we are hoping for a nice sail out !!!!!--holding my breath

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Yes the monday is definitely a holiday. Should be a fantastic race. Plenty of interest so far.

There's been an additional prize chucked in by someone who reckons too many sub 34fters (10.34mts) are spending too much time in their berths when they could easily be out having fun. That is a F1020

With Smithys baby, Marshal Law the R40.   After beating both the R40 Cowboys (Provincial and Urban) last weekend on a E40 now I reckon we can do it again using a weapon just like theirs.     The

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KM, email me if you need cat2 cert, PHRF cert or any other stuff like that....

I think that's fine it's just small things like -

Sail number - Yes thank you, it's a 4 digit one

beam - Jim? No thanks but I could kill a Gay n Dry.

draft - or a bottle, I'm fine with either

call sign - Pisces, Pisces where are you?

and a few more. :razz:


I'll see if the PHRF Cert still has all that on them these days.

Been a hell crazy busy couple of weeks so I'm running a bit behind schedual.

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What a great race. Thanks to Josh and Damon for their courage in pulling it together, to the SSANZ committee for backing it and to the finishing team on Duty Free for being there.The prizegiving was great with lots of good humour and good cheer.

The start was pretty much what I expected with the windless zone covering the area. The breeze didn't really kick in until around midnight (from memory). We had a larger, and very light weigh,t overlapper on until just before Kawau when it became apparent that if we didn't drop it the wind would. Some gusty squalls saw us change to the number 3 and then put in a reef. We were still reaching pretty quickly and rounded Sail Rock just on day break. Hardened up and headed out to the Moks. To our delight we have Unitec to weather and slightly ahead and Bondi Tram behind. A reefed main and #3 was plenty two up and the seaway made for uncomfortable sailing. Slowly we managed to climb up on Unitec and on the first cross were pleased with the gain. A couple more and we were ahead and got passed the Moks first passing fairly close to a very ugly reef. The an easy reach to the finish with the big boats passing us on the way. Finished ahead of the Unitec which is always a bonus.Shame so many pulled out. Upwind in heavy going is bound to find it's way into any long distance race and this one was no exception.Slept well on Friday night.

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:thumbup: Agreed great Race! Not to mention the debrief and prize giving.

Exactly like a mini leg of the RNI with a wide range of weather including a pretty tough beat up to the Mokes.

Was busy with about 20 gybes and putting the anchor up and down before we passed north head, Then put the light kite up before peeling to a fractional and finally 2 sailing with the 1genoa, then peeling to a 3 at Sail Rock for a beat to the Mokes.


The Auckland boats have a good run back by the looks.

We had a pretty good run with 14 hours from Fitzroy to Tauranga Marina which isn't too shabby.

Look forward to doing it again next year. :thumbup:

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