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Container ship leaving port thru yacht fleet

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No sure I see the point,

If it's about the lack of visibility from what I understand they have very little maneuverability anyway so being able to see the yachts wouldn't make any difference.

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Fixed it Rigger. It's too Simple for some!! Just copy and paste the URL of the clip (from the top of your browser) directly into your message. If it has https, remove the "s". No need to highlight, select the shared link from youtube or anything, the software will detect it and it will just go. I can't type in a sample link, as it will be detected and turned into a vid link!!!


I thought in your version, the ship had better visibility than in the first case...  

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Rigger - that must have been a big ship, it made the other ships on the opposite wall look small.




Makes you wonder why we don't see more with the bridge at the front.

No not like the picture, but with the lookout and steering up the front.

bridge 1.jpg

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While the visibility is poor, it is not as poor as the decision making of the two or three yachts that crossed more or less under his bow. Even if the Bridge was well forward, he of course has very little chance of slowing down or altering course to avoid a collision in such a confined space.


Just stay well clear of the bugger!

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