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How does this compare?

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Here's some quotes from a boat yard in San Francisco Bay:

$495 to take the boat off the truck and put it on the hard. No charge to put in the water later.

$103/ hour to have boat workers do stuff on the boat

$54/ day to store the boat, free if they do more than 4 hours of work on it in a day

$103/ hour to have a rigger work on the boat

$200/ hour for the crane to put the rig on



A lot of yards there do not allow the owner to touch the boat, all work on it is done by the yard.

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$110 to lift and wash.

$27 per day on the hard stand, which did include a provided cradle.

$110 to drop it back in the water.


At 1/2moon bay 2 weeks ago. Very reasonable I thought and probably close to the going rate around most of AKL I would guess.


A NZ rigger for 2 hundy an hour has been seen here, well in excess of that has been seen but knot common numbers by most, only one company as far as I know.


2 hundy for a for a 'boat worker' depends what work they are doing I suppose.


Some yards tried, and still do, the captive raking. We've had a couple trying to clip the ticket, just told them to see the boats skipper or F' Off, their choice. I think we run our yards a bit different from the US.

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And those are US dollars, add roughly half as much again for NZ$

Only if you were paying from a Kiwi pocket though. Remember it is all relative and to an American Pocket, that is still $54.00. Relatively speaking, it is closer looking at the difference in reverse. We would be earning half the US do, so $25-30/day to us is closer to the same as $54 is to them.

Does the $103/hr for workers mean that is a charge per worker? or for several. That I consider a bit steep. $103 for a rigger is not far above what we are paying here now. Craning is about that here now. Lifting the boat off the Truck is about the same. The travel lift in Waikawa charges $450 to lift a 14m vessel out.

Havelock depends on which yard. On the slpway, it was $250 for a lift last year. The others charge that plus labour for their guys on top and one boat I helped with, the yard charged four guys 2hrs each on top of the $250 haul out charge.


Then add that in the US, they pay half as much for Boats and Marine Equipment. So I have little sympathy for when they complain that an Autopilot cost them $1500 and so on.

I do have to say though, some of the Marina berthing charges are rediculous and especially when you get into places like Florida etc. Most average US boaters can not dream of paying the money they have to and it is solely because of those Super yachts and the owners that don't care and are happy to pay the exhorbitant fees.

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$110 for a Travelift, one way, Westpark, Westhaven I'm farily sure is close

$30 a day while out

$50-60 top quality boat builder, I suspect way better than anyone working for SF boatyards

$100 I'm pretty sure is very high for a rigger but I have one of those bills coming soon too, all ex-gst (which is the bit that hurts most).

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I am seeing a few umm....errr...."things" going on in our Marina that makes me wonder at times just how straight a few lye in bed. But also in the defense of many trades trying to work in the Marina, the costs are so rediculous that they have to charge accordingly. Insurance being one high on the list. But land and floor space charges are stupidly high. The owners of the marinas just seem to see all of it as a cash cow. Well I can tell ya, a few Cows are pretty lean this year and we have already seen some fall over from Starvation. Yet the Marinas are still Milking for all it's worth. They are going to end up with not many left in the paddock if they are not careful.

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