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Just brought GBE. We will get her back into great nick. Bit of work is all it takes.  

tell me about it!   Might have to talk to John about the odd river raft race!

Putting back in the water 29th about 7.00 am then off to Panmure. Bit of stuff to do this weekend. Family very happy to have a boat again

Yeah, some big bits of 4x2 slung underneath/along the hulls and the ply screwed to these.  Nice idea but could be done better.  I'd probably remove the hard decks and either replace with a decent new tramp or redo them with different materials... the ply deck is looking pretty green/stuffed.


There was also a wee (3-4cm) ding/scrape/crack in the glass on the port nose/bow and the wood behind is spongy - possibly only one season but looking a bit green.  I have a reasonable amount of glass over ply boat fixing up knowledge and to me this didn't look too bad if it's fixed immediately. But the main issue is that water travels so you'll be stripping the glass off the bow section (hoping like hell it hasn't traveled to the bottom and further back) drying out the wood then cutting and keying in sections as needed.  Soggy bow sections scare me because there's a certain amount of stress on the plys so they will spring if too soggy or they rot.  Not a pretty picture when you're crashing through waves in the middle of FKW. Best case scenario is that it's recent, the water hasn't traveled, it dries out, you can shore it up with some thinned epoxy and re-glass it. 


Many of the lines need replacing, tramps look average, foils look like they could do with replacement/rebuilds, the transom mountings for the pintels are un-glassed ply sections with flaking paint, so really should be ripped off and replaced, ummm, dare I go on?


As I said, she needs quite a bit of work.

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