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DYC Single Handed Race Sat 16th April / SoloIQ Race 9

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Devonport YC brings you another great single handed race, also making up Race 9 of the SoloIQ series.

Saturday 16th April.

24 miles around Rangi, Motutapu & Motuihe.


NOR at http://www.dyc.org.nz/sailing-programme/sailing-instructions/short-handed-series

Race SI's at http://www.dyc.org.nz/sailing-programme/sailing-instructions/short-handed-series/single-handed-race

General SI's at http://www.dyc.org.nz/sailing-programme/sailing-instructions


Please note that this race is programmed for a single start for all divisions, extras and non-extras. Please note division flag colours.


DYC race prizegiving the following Friday at the Club at 1830.


Thanks to Lorraine Wood at Barfoot & Thompson Devonport for her support.

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Do we need to carry a dinghy for this race?

Sailing Instructions, section 4 covers it in the NOR only there is no section 4 of the SI's  --- if that is the link to the SI's.
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Thanks GregW. 

Not sure why the original link failed.


Dinghies not required.


Changed has referred to time limits above. SI's state that there is no time limit for the race, however keep an eye out for an amendment for the SoloIQ boats over the next day or so.


WindGuru seems to show a bit more than PredictWind. Fingers crossed.

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OK, confirmation of amendment for time limits. Changed had some inside knowledge I suspect and was a bit ahead of us.

However, amendment is now issued and will be posted on the DYC site soon. Also with the SoloIQ team.


Attention is drawn to NOR clause:
6.1 There will be no time limit.
This clause remains valid for boats participating in the DYC Single Handed Race.
For boats competing in the SoloIQ Series Race 9 and not looking for a result in the DYC Single
Handed Race, clause 6.1 is amended to read:
6.1 A time limit of 1700 Saturday 16th applies. If one boat finishes within the time limit, then
the time limit for all divisions will be extended by 30 minutes.
Outside of the amendment, it is worth noting a few other things:
There is only one start at 0900 covering both divisions.
DYC runs a standing 'round the end' rule for the start [DYC general SI 12.3a] If you're over and recalled, you need to go round the outside of the buoy to restart.
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20160416_090114.jpgThanks to all the visitors, especially the SoloIQ boats.

27 starters across the two divisions and a real mix.

A bit of a Dr Seuss day really - One hull two hull, old hull new hull. Can't be too many times you get a gaffer racing off the same start as a clutch of 8.5 cats.

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