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I sailed a Cougar Cat when I was a teenager and apart from an hour on Nicky Cruz many years ago, I have absolutely no experience on a multihull. Just leaners all my adult life. So what would be your advice on which way to go? Cat or Tri and why? Mrs Ant is not a yachtie so she doesn't mind what I get as long as I'm happy. She will come sailing on the odd nice day, may even spend a weekend on a yacht if the weather is nice but that is a secondary thing and if she never had to sleep on a boat again she wouldn't lose any sleep over it. I might want to do the odd weekend away but frankly I enjoy my sleep too much to compromise one iota on comfort. An interior would only need to be functional and tidy to make me happy. I.e bed, galley, head, stereo.

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Believe me, if you don't want to sell your mono, DON'T try a multi!

I've sailed monos for 30 yrs, and always thought multis didn't point (must have been blind) so dismissed them as unimportant. Until I tried one!!!

For an older person, they are a lot easier to sail (well the tri is) and can do a lot more with mine than I could with monos of the same speed.

1. put on a trailer.

2. put the bow on the sand of a beach with an off shore breeze -- with the main still up.

3. Sunbathe comfortably (fall asleep on tramp, very serious sunburn on stomach)

4. make a coffee and put on deck/table/seat without it spilling.


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cough cough ..... are you refering to this thing....


http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motor ... 029534.htm


Leeward hull 12m, Windward hull 8.78m . Hardly a 40ft multihull.


this is a 40 ft multihull and there is quite an obvious difference....


http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motor ... 634930.htm


and lets be honest, if dolphins are just gay sharks then proas are just confused trimarans.


.....either a cat or a tri is going to be easier for a 1st time multihull owner to get the hang of than a shunter !

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Shunting is easier and safer , but let's not go there. You are right, the fact that the LW hull is long doesn't make it comparable to a similar length cat. A better assumption would be to use the WW hull length, even that is just a rough guide.


So it would be almost reasonable to compare that Harry with a 9m bridgedeck cat.

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There are a couple of trailer tris on trademe at the moment around 55-58k, & my boat Cubic (farrier F82R) is on a trailer at home in one tree hill if you want to take a good look & see what they are like inside etc (pm me) & it will probably be up for sale within a year as I am building a larger F32RX.

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