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The reason Tris are easier to sail are they have a flatter stability curve which means its more forgiving. i.e your at a higher point of heal when you reach max stability.


The other reason is they sail and tack like a keel boat when in light breeze, some cats feel pretty awful in the light breeze.

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Thanks guys and keep 'em coming. I can see that there is a clear majority (admittedly based on small numbers at present) who think that I'd be better of on a tri due to it being stiffer and more forgiving. Atom Ant is a stiff boat and forgiving of gusts and strong winds, so I am used to that sort of thing.

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If JT's tri doesn't have enough interior space then you can rule out any small cat.


The Turissimo 9 or modified like Crowded House has easily the best interior space in relatively small cats. Crowded House is a fantastic Party boat. Allegro is for sale approx $70k. It could be modified like Crowded House and Mystify.

That will probably not be the ideal race boat though.


If you have a bit more to spend I'd start looking at a Farrier 8.2 and the Farrier 31 or 32. There are always some for sale States Side (often marketed as Corsairs). the good thing about Farriers is they do hold their resale value very well.

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