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Push Play (F8.2R) is a sister to Need for Speed, is Professionally built by the same builder in Nelson ?


Has all the go fast gear with not a lot of use. Look on Racetrack, its a very fast boat.


Tim Bartlett (owner) will sell it as they don't use it very much.

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Aren't Tri's easier to anchor when cruising too?


No bridles etc and better balanced when swung off the center hull?


True or False?


Some tris can be a real handful at anchor, as in they sail about all over the place.

Generally has to do with the weight of the boat versus the windage/size of the mast.

wing masts on Light boats are a nightmare at anchor or on a mooring.

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Tri's are a pain in the arse. They rock around all over the place everytime someone moves. You normally have to prop one hull up with the dinghy. When you're rafted up and somebody walks across all hell breaks loose with hulls going up and down all over the place. Fenders rolling out of place. Cats sit nice together, even against leaners. Tri's are all elbows and knees.

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I had a good look at that Dragonfly before I bought Tigre. They are good boats and it’s very handy to be able to fit one onto a standard marina berth.


The Amas have been painted badly so not sure what that’s covering up. Needs a prod too.

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Hi guys, I saw the dragonfly ad on T/Me & wondered about it. The folding float is interesting too. It is certainly worth having a look at.


I must say guys I'm very grateful for the interest and advice you've given me. 19 votes with a 13 - 6 majority favouring trimarans as an ideal machine for a middle aged multihull virgin! Sundreamer thanks too for your input regarding potential anchoring issues!


I've had some generous offers of multihull experience so that I can try before I buy and that is great - am looking forward to it!


If you guys think of anything else, please feel free to let me know!

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The DF amas stay in the water so you won't get the rocking issue when at anchor. Centerboard and kick up rudder too... handy for hitting the bottom and getting away with it! :D


Think you should also be eligible for the grandfather clause for the 8.5 rule - the DF has a taller mast.

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If you guys think of anything else, please feel free to let me know!


one thing i should mention after being such a tri supporter.


speed for $ you cant beat a cat.


Theres no 8.5 tris that will be faster then the top 8.5s for anywhere near the 50k mark such as Hooter and Attitude, you'd be looking at over 150k for a carbon Farrier or Demon Tri and I wouldnt think the DF would have a sh*t show at beating the fast 8.5 cats


In face theres simply nothing at all on the market that can beat Attitude or Hooters $ for Speed.

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