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Hard Laminated Chart for Chart Table

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once resined,is it possible to undo?as mine is of lake taupo,boat was built for a boat show in 1976 and owner was having it shipped to taupo

Yes certainly. There is a special stuff sold at places like M10 and any Paint supplier, called Sandpaper. Apply it vigorously to painted surfaces and the material comes straight off. ;-)

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Bunnings sell it.

We aren't in f**king Sydney, Brisbane of anywhere in the land of the Spring Loaded Rat. Why support the Aussies when you can do the exact same while supporting NZers instead.


West System 105 resin with 20??  something hardener gives a clear glass like finish. It's a special hardenedern not the usual 205/206 stuff. You cna buy it in small quantity. Adhesive Technologies, which is owned and operated by New Zealanders, have it. For $5 they will deliver it to your door.


I tell ya what, I'll grab a old chart and try it this arvo for you, I have some of that hardener. I have wondered myself so why not.

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The reason why I suggested Doming resin is that the surface does not easily scratch. Epoxy does. When I say scratch, it is minute surface scratching from just fingers and whatever you place on the table, and that dulls the surface over time. The Doming reason is more like Acrylic being scratch resistant.
Norski here in Blenheim make it and I am pretty sure M10 stock the Norski products. Although it is a lot more expensive than buying from Norski I would expect. So you could try calling them or take a look and see if they have a website.

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get a paper chart


either buy it laminated or get it laminated at somewhere like warehouse stationery 




















then cut to shape and put under acrylic sheet



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The reason why I suggested Doming resin is that the surface does not easily scratch. Epoxy does.

With the 207 (thanks Clipper) you can cut and polish it I'm told so it must be pretty hard. 


Had a play and I think I tried to do too much at once cause it went a bit ho hum. I've wet a chart and let that cure and I'll now fix that down then float a coat over that. I didn't do that the 1st go so the chart 'floated' in the resin and shows promise but still needs a technique refinement.


I'm thinking it may end up being a blend of resin and laminated. Do it as erice posts then resin that down maybe??

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