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  1. Perhaps someone has had experience and can provide some ideas on maintenance / restoring an old Fico Traveller Car on Oliver Sudden, Young 1034. The Fico Traveller Car runs on 42mm track. The car is rattly and sloppy, and suspect the bearings need to be replaced. I'm assuming the end plates of the traveller are removed to access the bearings (remove and replaced). Secure by two slotted head bolts. They are being stubborn, so applied some penetrating oil, hoping that will do the trick. Would prefer not to remove the track to get this sorted. From what I know, Fico w
  2. Very topical. This just in,.... fire at a marina in Croatia has destroyed 22 boats and caused huge damage but no injuries. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/croatia-fire-medulin-boats-latest-b2545424.html
  3. Our Family had the Cav 32, Sunbird in the 80s. Great boat. It was always kept in great condition, and for many years fastidiously maintained in Mangonui. About 5 - 10 years ago a French couple purchased it and have set it up for offshore. They moved chainplates out to the hull. Not sure why. Photo below. It was very cool to find out 30+ years later the old boat was being well looked after.
  4. Related to Fishing boat grounding at Noises Island, but a bigger issue / subject altogether... Grim. https://gulfjournal.org.nz/2024/04/diver-finds-ecological-disaster-at-site-of-chokyu-maru-grounding/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR3nrT7j2U6phn9soP_o3Gbb0SMI5xrAcrcaow814FotPZGyqLl-6Z0kxIM_aem_AbD-6C0q2ATivKkdBZIZnhC8wzsWMULNmSxnPLgbfrd_IQbYxm8otzNIfSYMxc7cVis7V2XDsw7EF-ch27Qm1Vfp The next day underwater photographer Shaun Lee visited the site to see what damage had been done. He found a 9m2 gash in the reef where the large ship had made impact with massive force, leaving a tonne of b
  5. Robin at Marine & Domestic Gas helped me a couple of years ago. I'm in HMB too. marinegas1@outlook.com
  6. Yip. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/charity-vessel-southern-progress-to-be-scrapped-after-former-owner-craig-koning-jailed-for-rape/IRW4WCTHPFAVLGHHJ537TFUT2M/ Good riddance.
  7. Am I bit naive? Do we have other nations fishing within NZs exclusive economic zone (EEZ)....? Specifically in the Hauraki Gulf....?
  8. Sudden5869


    Bang on CP. After all the experience Auckland has had with Americas Cups etc, hard to believe our esteemed Civil Servants and SailGP couldn't make it work.
  9. The Wooden Boat Festival was fantastic. Hopefully, the level of interest warrants it becoming an annual or bi annual event.
  10. Makes me think about having smoke detector(s) for quick response. And the important of having the grab bag ready to go.
  11. I'm wondering how effective the 15mm collapsible / sectional tent poles would be? Especially if applied to a 3 metre wide boom tent. They looks to be available at Mitre 10 and Marine Deals (in a week or two) https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/kiwi-camping-fibreglass-tent-pole-kit/p/217875 https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/kiwi-camping-fibreglass-dome-tent-pole-section-15mm-qty-5
  12. Compressor Freezer and Fridge system has been replaced on Oliver Sudden. It was working exceptional well, regularly froze beer cans in the short trips going to and from racing. Only replaced because it developed a copper pipe leak deep within the insulation and the repair required complete deconstruction of Freezer and Fridge cabinetry. So, I've switched to 12v, suits my usage, especially shore power. Compressor Freezer and Fridge system - Sanden SD 508 Compressor - Copper Raw Water Heat Exchanger (approx. 700mm long painted black) - Flexible connecting pipes - Emerson Liqui
  13. @vortex I've just replaced my Mariner Oven. Oven stopped working 2023, so decided not worth repair, and replaced with new. Was planning to sell for spares and parts. I'm Auckland based. Message me if interested.... Cheers Scott
  14. Perhaps first check for other SR 26s here... http://phrf.yachtingnz.org.nz/# If you need some sample names, search SR26 and SR 26 on the https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/boat-search Cheers
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