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  1. Not sure. Give them a call. If they don't, they'll provide some ideas on who can assist.
  2. Go to http://phrf.yachtingnz.org.nz/export-options Download measurements and look for a Lotus 950.... there is one with current measurements. "Wright One" Was just on another Lotus 950 a week ago (Visual Progress). NZ built and original rig. It also runs a Selden Rig.
  3. Cule Marine https://www.culemarine.co.nz/ Local business. Custom make to any size if needed.
  4. Hey CD 2:1 Halyard on the main is brilliant. We changed Oliver Sudden to 2:1 shortly after going Square Top. Less load on the rope and clutches + less slippage. Easier to hoist. Dog bone to the top of the crane as close to the existing sheave exit position. Works well and doesn't affect the head position. I've flicked you a direct message with some images on the set-up of our "hinged headboard". Not removing the top batten. Perhaps that helps. Cheers
  5. The lifelines on Oliver are Dyneema "Supercable" from CRA (via SailIQ). They still look great after two years of regular use. No sign of wear. Being thin enough to pull through and remove the lifelines to repair stanchions is a bonus too. Recommend getting CRA, rigger or splicing specialist to splice at required length. 4mm Supercable is not an easy splice.
  6. @ballystick Oliver Sudden was having ongoing troubles with our Nexus wind, then depth.... ran without instruments for nearly a year. IT supplied a B&G system, and it's great. Super easy to read. Plenty of information / display options.
  7. Hey Brian. Be keen to hear about and see the results. Cheers
  8. I'm a fan of PredictWind for forecasting. Then use the Coastguard App for the Nowcasting service, and a second opinion on the forecast.
  9. Exactly Knot Me We run this sort of arrangement on the main for Oliver Sudden, Young 10/34. A fairly large square top. Made the Soft Shackle as small as possible to ensure full hoist. The 2:1 is fantastic. Easier to hoist and reduced any clutch slippage. Only downside is the mass of rope when hoisted.
  10. It's all new ply. 9mm Meranti from Plytech https://www.plytech.co.nz/meranti-bs1088 The floor boards required 2 sheets of 2440 x 1220 for the Oliver Sudden. I purchased 3 sheets, and using the 3rd sheet for other projects. Looked at a few options to replace the original Holy and Teak floors. They were delaminating after 35 years of hard service. They were beyond repair. 9mm is probably marginal for floor boards, but adjusting the thickness required too many modifications. So sticking with the 9mm and some carefully placed extra thickness / reinforcing. Looked at Holy a
  11. There's only so many projects you can do with supply challenges. I'm glad I started the replacement floor boards just before lockdown. Almost done.
  12. Some photos from Oliver Sudden....
  13. Damn. That could swing me....
  14. Yip. I've mentioned this before... lifelines on Oliver are now Dyneema "Supercable" Perhaps ask the guys at Chain Ropes and Anchors to splice to the correct length. It's small and very tricky. Light weight. Easy on the Hands. And the best bit is; if the lifelines need to be removed to maintain stanchions, simply pull the line through. No cutting swaged wire rope...
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