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  1. A post from the Classic Yacht Association on Facebook this morning... https://www.facebook.com/ClassicYachtAssociation/
  2. Blue painted topsides, 2 pot AWLGRIP 2000. I've been using Grunt Klenashine to prepare. Very lightly, not to remove all of the blue goodness. Then polish with Grunt Supawax. Use a wool buffer with some success, otherwise resort to polishing off by hand. Local boat painter provided some guidance a few years back. It's always hard work, but super satisfying.
  3. I would imagine the Ronstan 50 would be fine on the Cav 32 mainsail reefing. It's a small main. MWL 500kg and BL of 1,500kg. If everything is lined up correctly and not twisted. Low friction rings would be ideal too. Make sure they're nice and big to accommodate the reefing lines etc... You just need to get familiar with soft shackles and loops.
  4. Fantail is perfect. I remember being passed by Fantail when I was a kid in a Round Waiheke Race. It looked perfect then and still looked immaculate in Bon Accord Harbour last summer. Some of the best proportioned yachts ever designed.
  5. We installed B&G Triton2 with Wireless Wind Transducer last year. Sourced from Neptunes Gear. It replaced broken and beyond repair Nexus system with wireless. I had already replaced the battery and bearingss. The B&G wireless had excellent range. The specs were better than Garmin. Also someone from Garmin's agent expressed concern about Auckland Sky Tower interfering with Garmin wireless transducers. B&G was confident about wireless performance. Installation was easy considering. Did spend over an hour at the top of the mast drilling and fitting the mounting pl
  6. Oliver Sudden in cruise mode, and in the background photo of American Magic's infamous capsize.
  7. I'm stoked with the B&G great provided by Matt at Neptunes Gear. Installed Triton2 Speed/Depth/Wind pack (Wireless) with additional Triton2 displays, and 9" Vulcan. Customisation and easy to read. All good.
  8. Not sure. Give them a call. If they don't, they'll provide some ideas on who can assist.
  9. Go to http://phrf.yachtingnz.org.nz/export-options Download measurements and look for a Lotus 950.... there is one with current measurements. "Wright One" Was just on another Lotus 950 a week ago (Visual Progress). NZ built and original rig. It also runs a Selden Rig.
  10. Cule Marine https://www.culemarine.co.nz/ Local business. Custom make to any size if needed.
  11. Hey CD 2:1 Halyard on the main is brilliant. We changed Oliver Sudden to 2:1 shortly after going Square Top. Less load on the rope and clutches + less slippage. Easier to hoist. Dog bone to the top of the crane as close to the existing sheave exit position. Works well and doesn't affect the head position. I've flicked you a direct message with some images on the set-up of our "hinged headboard". Not removing the top batten. Perhaps that helps. Cheers
  12. The lifelines on Oliver are Dyneema "Supercable" from CRA (via SailIQ). They still look great after two years of regular use. No sign of wear. Being thin enough to pull through and remove the lifelines to repair stanchions is a bonus too. Recommend getting CRA, rigger or splicing specialist to splice at required length. 4mm Supercable is not an easy splice.
  13. @ballystick Oliver Sudden was having ongoing troubles with our Nexus wind, then depth.... ran without instruments for nearly a year. IT supplied a B&G system, and it's great. Super easy to read. Plenty of information / display options.
  14. Hey Brian. Be keen to hear about and see the results. Cheers
  15. I'm a fan of PredictWind for forecasting. Then use the Coastguard App for the Nowcasting service, and a second opinion on the forecast.
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