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Spinnaker Sheet Snap Shackles

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I'd appreciate some feedback as to the reliability of snap shackles for spinnaker sheets.

On our previous boat (Challenge 29) our practice for dropping the kite when reaching was to ping the guy at the pole.  We know have Pork Chop, an Elliott 10.5, and with the greater loads we find the Ronstan type clip (right hand pic) won't release easily. We've had the ring strip out twice.  I like the spike type clip (left hand) but we had two of them spontaneously release while the Genniker was flapping away, which is not desirable.


So, question is:  What is the recommendation for use on larger boats?   




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We use a wychard clip that is basically the same as the spike clip on the left, only it doesn't need a spike. It has a weenie piece of string over a springee thing that activates the release mechanism.

You still need to be able to reach the clip as with a spike. The main difference is you don't need a crewman to carry a spike around all day for the drop.


We haven't had a problem with clips going when they aren't supposed to. That said, if you flog a kite for long enough, they will go, as will anything.


They are night and day different from a ronstan clip. Both in performance, and in price, unfortunately. (Very expensive, but they work).


Our boat is a Birdsall 37, so slightly different to the Pork Chop in overall performance, but to give you context of the size gear we run, we have a proportionally very long J, and our kite pole is 5.5 m long. The kites are the same relative size as the pole, so probably very similar sizes to the Pork Chop.

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We see more and more no names these days, 99% appear to work OK. But we have seen some shitters, even got some a few years back. Still have them as I won't use them so won't sell them to others, good for hanging Love Swings though. They are fine except have weak springs which caused one to open during a flogging event.


I think the use of, care of and set up of many can affect their performance. People bring ropes in for replacement or work and some of the gear on them shows no sign of love.

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We use Tylaskas or Mini Gibb clips. Even then we always tape them on a windy day if there is likely to be some flapping as even the best clips can come undone. The tylaskas are also good for 'martin breakers' on the tack line as you can just bowline a line straight through the hole and to the bow so when you blow the tack line the clip lets go. Its by far the best and safest way to drop a gennaker, in fact its really the only way to drop a gennaker on a bigish boat in big breeze.

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