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Brushable 2 pot paint

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did you paint on a horizontal surface, vertical surface, or both?

Some panels were std glass, some pure carbon and some were 30yo polyester out of the boat. I did all types in both vertical and horizontal orientation. The not polyester panels were made using West system resin.


The old polyester vertical panel had some slumping in the 1st coat but I did lay it in big time, and I mean BIG TIME, to see if that would happen. I also tipped it off horizontally, again to see what affect that would have. The slumping wasn't large but was quite visible. I would have been very surprised if I saw no slump to some degree so what I got was expected, a little less than expected actually. After a very quick 120 grit hand sand the second coat was applied as heavy as I thought I could get away without slumping. It did go on 'very enthusiastically', a bit more than you'd normally do, no slumping was seen and it did sort of cover some of the 1st coat slump but not enuff to hide it totally. Note here these polyester panels did have quite a smooth surface to start with. The horizontal panels flowed magnificently and it was a near glass like finish, complete with a few random bristles as ya get from those flash 25c brushes. If the result of the RAG (ruff as guts) painting was that good, when done properly it should be stunning.


The other vertical panels were off cuts from the build so were just what you get when you peel the peel ply off so there was weave, unlike the panels above. These were DB and some plain cloth. I did the same 'lay it on baby' technique but did not tipp them off horizontally, they had vertical tipping. No slump seen 1st coat which almost covered well but not quite. Again quick sand and second coated. They came up bloody good, very good considering the sh*t gear I was using and the 15 seconds I spend doing it. You could still see the weave easily but the coating did fill a little in. The level of gloss was retina burning, I will be getting the gloss knocked back a little for the inside or people will go blind way before their time.


Km is what you're playing with available to us mere retail buying people?

Only after a donation is made to  a charity of my choice, I'm thinking the 'Broke 930 owners' one is a goody.

Na, I'm sure it is/will be. As I understand it this a off the shelf, sort of, coating that had a magic hand waved over it to fine tune it a smidgen for this ruff prick. I'll ask, stand by, but would be surprised if I hear 'No'.


Mr Moose, all loose stuff has to go. But the remaining can be coated with the right stuff after a hell good sand I'd expect. There are sorts of etch primers that I'm sure would bond to gelcoat/glass like the proverbial excrement to a Maori dollar, or what many call a blanket. 


I think the thing to do with 'interesting' painting situations (and others) is stay away from the marine chandlers or big box stores like Bunnings, they aren't experts and only sell the names people know. As we know these days 25% of the purchase price is the product itself and 75% is the sticker on the brand name side. I don't give a rats arse about the brand but I do the product so I hunt down smaller outfits that make the product I want then work with them to get what I want or as close as. That's why the only thing in my entire rebuild that has come from a chandler is the kitchen sink. 

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Bazza. one thing about Altex (and probably most other paint companies) is that the price of marine labelled paint is a lot more than the virtually identical product sold for industrial use. In the case of Altex, the industrial paint name is E-line 379. My boat is painted with that, very good results. Also, as a Tauranga resident, if you go to the factory shop, out the back, they have a pile of mis tinted paint, which is seriously cheap. There is a very good chance that there will be a colour that you want. Most of my boat is done with that stuff, and it has saved me hundreds.

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Km is what you're playing with available to us mere retail buying people?

Yeap. But I didn't suss where from but the factory seems fine. They are sending me some stuff, stand by.


I got a call from a very nice dude, and a Farr owner coincidently, out there sussing a few things for me. I think he's their mad scientist, he knew some heavy and great stuff about the technicals. He's got the abrasion test to go but says the panels look sweet.


The coating can be seen on TV last night I'm told, some middle east airline mob has launched a big pedal powered beach cat and it's on that.


After some discussion I'm going to go inside with a low sheen. I wasn't going to but the way this coating is make means the low sheen would mark easily as most do. I wanted the gloss knocked off as we have lots of small LEDs meaning lots of spotlights if a gloss finish, ouch.

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The red on the sails Im told.

I do like the idea it isn't a super hard and brittle coating and can move with the boat.


I have a litle of the sample left and will have all the good stuff next week. I have ordered big so if ya wanna play.....

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Just had the test results back for the test panels. The results were perfect on them all. Ya hoo!!!!!


One more big sanding session over the next day or so and I could have the interior finished ready to wire up next week. Ya Hoo Hoo!!!


It will be nice not to be resembling a heroin addict hanging for their next fix with all the scratching from sanding dust. I think I'm getting sensitised to the epoxy, bugger!!

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Be careful, reallllly careful of epoxy if you are starting to getting sensitised. It goes from a little to a full on reaction real quick and then you can't go near the stuff. Your eyes will often puff up real bad when it starts.

For general info for those reading,
Make sure you use disposable gloves and even those disposable overalls are a good idea. I have found the latex gloves a pain as they tear easily. The Blue neoprene can be better and will protect against Solvents slightly better, but the cheap Vinyl gloves seem to work really well for toughness.
NEVER EVER do what some do and use a bare finger to wipe Filler or Glue.
NEVER EVER, use thinners/Solvents to wash epoxy off your hands. It washes the protective oils out of your skin and the Amine from the Epoxy soaks in...along with the solvent. There are now some cloth wipes made especially for removing Epoxy from your hands and well worth keeping a pack on hand. Also keep a bottle of White Vinegar handy with some cleaning clothes. Use neat. It breaks Epoxy down and all you have to worry about is smelling a little vinegary. 

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