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Antifouling: where, what, how good, etc...

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I tried the M 66 which didn't fare well in our mooring area, then the following year tried M 77 which I can confirm is definitely not 11 better than the 66. Basically the same result. We use the boat a lot and wipe it regularly but both had an effectiveness of 3-4 months then it got harder and harder to keep it clean.

This year Im giving Ultra a try, results soon.

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I had my bottom wrapped with Silikon this winter by NZMPS. Not cheap, but like trying new technologies. It's a foul release system, as opposed to antifouling. I don't go fast enough to self-clean, but it is easy to swim and wipe down before races. Takes about 25 minutes for 9m yacht using low pressure regulator and pump, and bare hands to wipe. Hoping I'll get several years out of it. I was previously using Ultra but the barnacles in BOI have been real aggressive over the summer season and seem to stick to about anything. Also biocides were spent after six months, so still had to clean regularly and was more work. I'm happy with the system so far, but recognize its not for everyone due to high initial cost and regular cleaning regimen.  


Also NZ phased out several biocides last year, so the paint you buy this season could be different from last year's brew - see https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/new-rules-antifouling-paints

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