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Your bother must be the nice one ;)


Sail it yes and it looks like a bit of fun but sail it in what?

It's hardly a family cruiser and I suspect she'd have little competition (he says with quite a degree of nervousness)


Answer 'water' and I will come down there and drain that lake of yours!!!!! :twisted:  :D

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In anything over 10kts it would get owned upwind and down by the 8.5s (yeah yeah, provided there are any racing).

Jib tack is 1.7m back from the bows, and a non overlapper, and the prod is a m shorter than the 8.5's


livewire sails sizes vs. 8.5

Main both 35m2

Jib  11, vs a NO1 at 23m2 and a no2 at 14. 11 is likely the size of the no.3

C0 dont have numbers off hand

Kite 50m2 vs around 80 for a typical 8.5m


Still weighs about the same, maybe a fraction lighter. Buy an 8.5, it would be much cheaper, a bit quicker and you can do coastal on it

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So to sum up: No good.



Myself thinks:


* Why only 5 m BOA (I fly a hull in 10 knots of wind with me on the windward side)?

* Will that centre beam really take the fore-stay load with low enough deflection?

* Low, inverted bow profile is very 'modern' but also very impractical.

* Surprisingly high weight estimate for being found in sales material. Maybe honest :-)

* That centre beam is designed with no intention to use it for sealing the foot of the sails. A missed opportunity.


/Martin (living in Sweden so buying a 8.5 is not in the books and besides, I am still pretty happy with my old Spyder -- which does not rule out day dreaming/sketching in long winter evenings...)

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I'm not saying its no good, it will certinaly be a fun boat to sail, and Grainger has a good track record of race boats.

Its just if someone here coughed up for one thinking it would be the fastest thing in the small multi fleet they could be in for a bit of a surprise

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If you were building new and wanting to race in Auckland then a pretty safe bet would be to build another http://bobfishermarine.com/dirtydeeds.html - maybe getting Bob/Clive to give some pointers on some updates with what they have learnt over the years of racing it. 


The damn thing was impossible to beat (sailed well) once it could fly a hull, AND you can get insurance!

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