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Non Skid deck

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I know that this topic has been done, done again and then done over, but I can't find anything on this particular point:


Pork Chop has a precariously sloping foredeck (Elliot 10.5) and I find Kiwigrip too slippery.  We've experimented with sandy type paints, but they wear fairly quickly.


I'm about to look at TredGrip but I saw RanTan in Tauranga this morning and see that her cockpit has a cool bespoke matting of some sort (sorry, no photo, but it is really cool).  It got me wondering whether we should put some non slip type matting on the foredeck and perhaps in our cockpit too.


Does anyone have any experience with this?  If so, what sort, where from and most importantly, how to affix to the deck.



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I went and took some photos:

These from Ran Tan 2:




I really like the embossed name and the numbering on the traveller.




This from a big cruiser nearby:



This is the sloping foredeck on Pork Chop.  It's hazardous enough in the marina without adding chop and the big kite:




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Cheers KA.


I’m not sure from your post if you’re saying you do the can get a quote or if I go to the supplier.


I’ve sent a request off and will post the outcome when more info to hand.

Best to go direct, you need to speak to a guy called Adam Wickes and he does all the custom stuff.


He will come and pattern your boat, send patterns away then it gets drawn up and cut on a router.

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Call KM. CRA stocks it and it is not to horrific in cost. The Paint type stuff is cheapest though. Tred Grip is what I used and it has lasted many years now. Deck Grip I found too hard and thus the pointy bits too uncomfortable to knell or lye on. Even bare feet needed a bit of hardening up before it was OK to walk on.

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