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Correct shroud setup on GBE catamaran

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Both the inner and outer shrouds on my GBE connect to the same point on the hull.  The inner shroud connects to the mast about 75% of the way to the top and the outer shroud goes almost to the top.


From what I can tell, the inner shroud is standard on a GBE and there was no outer shroud on the original design.  I'm guessing the outer ones were added to support larger downwind sails.


My outer shroud connection appears to be less than ideal and needs sorting.  (Pictures attached).  Note that the current arrangement has a wire rope ending about 2m from the connection point and 6mm braid between that point and the hull connection.


My questions are: What is the ideal method of connection/setup?  Should I be able to tension them? (they are both essentially slack at present). How important are these things?







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On Voom and Freedom the topmast sidestays are adjustable.  Essentially off all the time unless running masthead kites, then they are probably critical.


The braid doesn't look up to the job to me. They should be slack unless needed, so some way of tensioning is needed.

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I use to sail one with similar setup to that but the braid went through a double purchase block with cleat very similar to what is on some trapeze wires .


We would only tension the windward one when flying assymetrics and just enough to take slack out of the shroud . The block was tied off to the chain plate and from memory it was at about eye level when sitting in cockpit so forward crew could reach it easily.


That boat was from the very far north too where I think yours was based ? So was probably set up the same

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I would have thought the topmast runner would better a better support for the mast if it attached to the rear beam perhaps in line with the inside of the cockpit. the gennakers pull forwards as much as sideways.  It would need a tweaker to pull it forward  it out of the way when not in use though so much more complicated.



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The top mast side stays also come into play when you start running bigger square head mains upwind and close reaching.

A bit of adjustment is good to keep the mast straight, especially with the older smaller sections.

They do see a bit of load, if I remember correctly we had 12:1 purchase, but this was achieved with two cascades and a 3:! purchase.

The leeward shroud will always be slack, not much can be done about that on GBE.

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