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Our oceans are screwed

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Please read and absorb the posts Dr.W. My posts clearly state Global Warming is a hoax. Climate Change is real. If you don't understand the difference then...........BTW your noble efforts to save the planet deny the facts that nuclear power is a pollutant ,the planes you are'nt flying on fly anyway and electric cars equally pollute the planet the same as every other vehicle,your boat's engine the same,the high speed train pollutes. It's all just in how you want to dress it up. But ocean pollution and plundering....now there's a real issue.

So what do you believe the difference between global warming and climate change is? Im interested in where you think one is a hoax and the other real...


Nuclear power can be pollutant, yes- but it's not affecting the climate (except for the carbon emission used to make the concrete and metals for the station). Additionally, nuclear power has had measurably less impact on human health and the environment than most other forms of electricity generation such as thermal (coal/gas/oil) and hydro.


The planes I?m not flying on won't fly if more people like me don't fly on them - simple supply and demand.


Electric cars don't pollute the same - their manufacture might, but their method of turning stored energy into motion does not pollute the same as fossil fuels. Net pollution is less.


My boat's engine pollutes, but that's why it's a sail boat... I use the engine rarely.


Highspeed trains are proven to pollute less than many other forms of transport per passenger kilometre. Additionally, there is less energy used, and fewer climate damaging emissions per kilometre of high-speed rail track construction compared to highway.


Ocean plastic pollution is a problem, and is what this thread is about.

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So what do you believe the difference between global warming and climate change is? Im interested in where you think one is a hoax and the other real...   Nuclear power can be pollutant, yes- but it

Snow in Queensland today.

Science is not religion. You can't just pick and choose the bits you like and ignore the bits that don't fit your beliefs or ignore it if you don't like the implications, because even if you don't bel

This doesn’t represent the “worlds oceans” it’s a localised area of some disgusting people with extremely poor sanitation practices. We can carry our groceries in flax baskets and use card board straws all day long, it won’t make any difference at all to their blatant disregard for the environment.

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In 1987 I was working on a Russian research ship between the Kermadec's and Lord Howe ....we had a geographer from Auckland Uni with us who was monitoring/documenting plastics (trawlling a net) floating at sea. We got plastic debris on most every deploy .... 

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I dont know an ocean that isnt polluted with plastic. Maybe the southern isnt too bad, havent been there in a while.

I don’t know any ocean to be fair, I’m sure the craps everywhere and we need to be on our game to keep our end clean.


Over sensationalism doesn’t motivate me to get too involved though, it breads distrust. That story said it flushed from Guatemala and has been a long standing issue from that area.

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Absolutely unacceptable .Unlike the Global Warming hoax this is real. If you kill the ocean and its life the (in)human race is really stuffed. And unlike GW this is preventable. Good cause here BP. Keep beating this drum.

In the first sentence you say GW is a hoax and in the second you seem to imply it is preventable ? ...confusing.

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The largest contributor of microplastics in the Sea is our clothing. Every wash, fibres from clothing flush into the system with the waste water.
The large plastic items mostly come from the Fishing fleets. They discard nets, buys and line.
For the rest, it is mainly household plastics. Every City in the World has some amount of plastic washed down storm water systems, into rivers and into the sea.
But the greatest concern of all are the Countries dumping waste into the Sea. There are 6 countries in the Indonesia area that push all their landfill waste into the sea. Among that waste is plastic of course. One Country in the Med does the same.

What gets me really annoyed is the idiots that targeted the plastic bag and had it banned because they sensationalized the effect it has in our environment. The plastic bag is just a tiny tiny fraction of what is a real problem out there. But because they sensationalized the plastic bag, people now think they have done something great while in fact, nothing has actually been achieved at all.
In fact, even to make that plain brown paper bag is 7 times more harmful to our environment than the plastic bag is.
Banning plastic items is not a cure, because the alternatives are often worse. Taking far better care of discarding stuff is the cure. And that entails everyone, from the people that manufacture ensuring there is no waste escaping to the environment, to the person who buys and discards an item at the end of it's life, (like not throwing it out the car window) right through to those that are charged with putting that discarded item into a landfill/recycling it. Care is not taken because care is a non recoverable cost.

Oh and by the way, dumped plastics is just one issue. The other issue is the people/countries that burn plastics and other waste out in the open air. The toxins released into the environment are extremely harmful. More so than the floating plastic. But it is not seen, so is not considered.

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