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Wet bus ticket leaves cruel bruise on speeding bell-end

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The guy was fined $5,050,

thats probably more than if you pranged your car, isn't it?

Do you mean the reparation to the moored boat wasn't enough?

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I would only imagine that if some knob planted his Naiad through your superstructure, you'd be looking for more than $400?

yeah, but from the knob, not the criminal justice system. Its a civil matter. And no, I wouldn't be expecting any emotional reparation. Esp not for property damage. That is what the $400 was for.

Your post made it sound like the penalty for being a knob was only $400. It wasn't. It was $5,050.


Maritime NZ prosecuted Hutchings under the Maritime Transport Act and he was fined $4650 and ordered to pay the affected boat owner an emotional harm payment of $400, as an acknowledgement of the inconvenience he caused.

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What is the difference between someone on a cellphone having a prang on the motorway - no large fine there.

But there should be.


Driving into the side of a moored boat at 15 knots is gross negligence. It gives me the shits having to share the water with a toss pot like that

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Here's a wet bus ticket case for comparison:  https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/114108284/tourists-dream-trip-to-nz-shattered-by-assault-while-freedom-camping-in-northland


Similar fine with the addition of 9 months home detention despite leaving life-time scars on our guests, darn close to killing one of them and tarnished the country's reputation with his bare hands.


All done while he was already serving home detention for earlier violence. 


Seems to be quite ok so long as you were whacked out on drugs at the time and can say you're sorry.

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