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Wright 11

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The Wright 11 was a final development of his keelboat designs (Quest range) with a high volume. wide stern, moderate waterline with scoop and a rig looking to be more multi than mono. ie mast well forward and relatively small headsail. Boat I have sailed on had a Kahn(?)rudder as rudder designs were possibly not one of Alans strengths. The Wright 10 in club racing is pretty similar in performance to the 11. Possibly a little lighter in glass

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Crikey we should of built more 1050,s and 10.5 marinas.

And not put 1.5m prods on the 1050s...

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Raced against and met the owners of Tuxedo Junction a few years ago in Tonga. This one was foam sandwich construction with rod rigging etc and very quick, with a very nice interior. The downside was they didn't have a very comfortable trip to Tonga, but then beat all the 50fters doing the local races - on line. 

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I would always worry about buying into a boat with a history like that. The boat itself might be 100% fine in reality but you’ll never get rid of the nagging uncertainty in the mind of some buyers. And as we head towards a global recession I’d be nervous about buying any significant asset that might be hard to offload quickly for whatever reason (rational or not).

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