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Theft on piles

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Boat theft doesn’t always get such low priority. We arrived late to our new to us boat on the tamaki river piles one night and were using torches to get ready for sleep as the lights were not working

So the possible video footage of the offender/s is locked away and nothing done.  As a former Detective in the NZ Police, I find the police response to the complaint as described by twisty as disgusti

right on the end by the floating dock in westhaven


I understand Westhaven won't release the footage to anyone but Police, but while the Police are getting around to investigating the matter - can I suggest you talk to security at the marina, get them to search for the footage of the incident and then save a copy.


Sometimes the footage is written over quickly, and if there is helpful evidence you don't want to loose it.


With CCTV seeing footage of some unidentifiable face generally isn't much of a lead, but if you can then follow that person across multiple camera's - perhaps to a car, perhaps getting a registration - then you have a good place to start investigating.


If you can revisit Westhaven security with your file number and the email address of the officer you dealt with then at least you could be the conduit between the two, make the connection and go from there?


If you need any further help, please PM me.



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Why are Westhaven security protecting criminals over the people that pay their wages? Why indeed? I can only think of one reason.


Or is it the privacy of the odd CEO that takes his secretary down to the boat at lunch time?

Heard of a bit of that when i was working as a broker down there. That was a lot of sunsets ago. Rumfog dulls the memory.

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It's pretty hilarious to see older men towing random non wife looking females (often dressed up to the max) down the marina in the middle of the day... Why non wife, well usually partners are dressed casually, carry gear and are not too far away in age. 


The theft thing is interesting, Westhaven are not police and there are privacy rules. You cant just accuse someone and get the smurfs to rush out of the marina office en masse to play detective. They rightly have to hand it over to the police. Marina security is a joke, yes the locked gates keep some people out, casual boat tourists and frustrated crew but serious crims- nah not a hope. They just wait for someone to enter and follow them in. The most dumb and frustrating thing the marina does is not having exit buttons at the gates, what a pain in the arse to fumble for fobs, codes etc when youve carrying gear or crew who want to get out. Thats also a health and safety issue as if you need to exit in an emergency. BUT they do have a button on the X pier gates so WTF if security is the reason they make all the other boat owners suffer.


The sad thing is that this is not a random opportunistic theft, it was targeted. P heads etc do not go through "security" gates launch dinghies, row across seal infested water, break into a single random boat on a pile, remove electronics and run the gauntlet again. This person is known by someone in the Marina, and fu*k anyone buying "cheap" gear.


Also Iorangi is the equivalent to dogs ball in terms of visibility and people noticing

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I'm sure it was another yachty as they left a pair of sailing gloves behind. I agree Waikiore, the boat is definately minimalist in stuff worth stealing. On a brighter note I was contacted by an officer in the Maritime police unit so someone has stirred up some action! To be fair I don't expect the police to spend much time on it as there are plenty more important things out there.

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Boat theft doesn’t always get such low priority. We arrived late to our new to us boat on the tamaki river piles one night and were using torches to get ready for sleep as the lights were not working Some one thought we were thieves and rightly rang it in. Response was swift and included a helicopter overhead and about 3 cars on the riverside All good once I showed id and explained. We have been there for several years and never had anything go missing.

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I am about a km away.

Motivated me to paddle to my mooring at 10pm and remove my lectronics.

And study up on the installation manual for the Kerui GSM alarm system

that has been gathering dust for years.

No small feat; only removed the obvious ones. Bit rediculous.

Biting my tongue, as to the efficacy of any onboard alarm for obvious reasons.

IMO, boats=soft target.


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