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Bay of Islands Sailing Week 2021

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Sportboat vs Coastal Racer modes.

my finest boat trailer backing moment(s) - backing each 9.5m hull down this driveway. 

We're going up this (next) year but looking at the results history there seems to be very little interest in the windward/leewards especially for division 3 which has rarely had a fleet in 6 years. Mo

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13 minutes ago, Ed said:

Thompson 750's are faster than magics, looking at race track you'll be in the mix. Has deep purple really only ever done one race?

No but after the first race they wouldn't record it. Sailed a few times at Queenstown 2011 then sailed at Wanaka for part of 2012 season. Sat in a shed ever since


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23 hours ago, Deep Purple said:

I’ll put the word on Marshy with smoke wagon

I will be there - we were meant to do this year but work got me last minute, and the number 1 crapped itself, so as soon as the sailmakers open up we are back in business ;-)

Will ideally race with the sport boats. There is a good fleet there and you guys would be surprised in the windward leeward stuff you would be quite competitive. 

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On High-n-Fibre, we started in a similar setup to DP - i.e almost a sportboat but met the trailer yacht rule. 800kg boat overall with 400kg of it in the bulb.

To race as a sportboat, we added one trapeze, then two, then three and finally 4 - the boat just loved them. Way easier than hiking and turbos the boat.

For SSANZ, Route 66 we would go back trailer yacht mode and remove them.

Super easy to retrofit. Where the T-bar went through the rig for the sidestays, we just poked some 8mm dynex through the gap and out the other side, tied a stopper knot that stopped it going back through the mast. The other end was tied to a stainless ring about a meter down from the hounds with the 4x4mm trap wires attached. Repeat for the other Side. Bungies on the boat side just went through random deck fittings and then the longest route possible around the cockpit/boat then back to the other trapeze.

This made us competitive with the Magic 25s and allowed us a wider range on the kites as you have the righting moment to hold them.  

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No Stern extension, just the angle.

We had a lot of fun in that boat. It was built with nomex core and was very well built, off a mould, with a plan to commercially sell them. It company well belly up in the GFC and she ended up being the only one built. Very unusual hull shape.

At some point she was antifouled and the paint was given the golf ball texture so break the water tension. Didn't work and at15kts she'd just hit the wall. We spent a whole winter sanding off a full thickness, rockhard antifoul layer off the boat, which wasn't much fun!

I cant recommend using a forklift in the manner below. It was dodgy AF! 

Septz 2010 014.jpg

Septz 2010 011.jpg


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